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Adobe AIR Development

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Re: Assets Without Anti-Aliasing on Simulator [EDITED]?

The latest OS version renders much smoother than previous versions. You may be able to get away with continuing with your vector elements and using cacheAsBitmap and cacheAsBitmapMatrix.
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Re: Assets Without Anti-Aliasing on Simulator [EDITED]?

Lee Brimlow recently posted a 3-part video series on Blitting for AS3.  


1.  Sprite Sheets and Blitting Tutorial – Part 1 

2.  Sprite Sheets and Blitting Tutorial – Part 2 

3.  Sprite Sheets and Blitting Tutorial – Part 3


he uses Flash Professional CS5 to create sprite sheets from exporting a .png sequence from the timeline, which isn't so ideal since not everyone uses Flash Professional CS5, but i found out that Keith Peters created an AIR application called SWFSheet that will parse programatically created animations to create a sprite sheet - much more ideal than using the Flash timeline, in my opinion.


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Re: Assets Without Anti-Aliasing on Simulator [EDITED]?

Hi Guys - I had another play around with all this just to make sure I understood what was going on.


So yes - not much point in rendering Bitmaps at runtime from the source vectors as the graphics that come out are not silky smooth.  I tried this during the afternoon and the resulting Bitmaps were the same quality as if they were just left as Vectors (i.e. fairly pixelated). So at the moment you really need to use image files.


I'm playing with 2 strategies at the moment :-


1) I'm using Flash Professional 5.5 for creating my graphical content and character animations - so I'm using the ExportAsBitmap option on my static graphics. Similarly for my animated MovieClips (i.e. with timeline) I have an extra wrapper MovieClip that is made up of the frames from the source MovieClip with ExportAsBitmap set. It works and performs well for lightweight games. I'm doing fairly simple kids apps / eBooks at the moment so it's fine for this kind of use and once you've set it up everything stays updated nicely. Maybe this won't perform well enough on lesser devices tho (I'm looking at porting to other devices soon).


2) Go the whole hog with Spritesheets and blitting - the Lee Brimlow tutorials are great - good links @TheDarkIn1978!  Are all you guys Blitting ? One query with blitting ... as you're just dumping bitmaps to the screen on each frame what's the best way to pick up user interaction e.g. detecting if the user has touched a particular object on screen ? I'm used to playing with Sprites/Display objects with listeners which makes it easy.


Also are you guys coding everything from scratch or using frameworks like FlashPunk/Flixel etc ?


All the best guys,






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Re: Assets Without Anti-Aliasing on Simulator [EDITED]?

Good new everyone! With AIR 2.7 you can now set stage quality to high:


stage.quality =  StageQuality.HIGH;


Although this will improve anti-aliasing of vectors and bitmap smoothing, it will also takes a toll on performance. So using bitmaps is still probably the practice.

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