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Blackberry Playbook Screen Size - Vote!

Blackberry Compatriots,

Am I the only person that would like to see a bigger screen for the Blackberry PlayBook? 9"? 10"?

Let me know what you think. Personally, I would like to see a larger screen on the Playbook! 7" is too small; it's not a phone. So, Blackberry Engineers lets see what the people think.



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Re: Blackberry Playbook Screen Size - Vote!


At this point in the game, I hope it is WAY too late for that to be changing.


Why not 15", if we're really wanting screen real estate.

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Re: Blackberry Playbook Screen Size - Vote!


One phrase comes to mind: to each his own.

That being said I personally don't mind the 7 inch. But to be honest we can't really banish any sizes at this point unless we've physically handled them. Right now we're guessing and making an assumption out of thin air logic and common sense. Just my two cents :smileyhappy:
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Re: Blackberry Playbook Screen Size - Vote!

I don't know, I played with a Samsung Galaxy Tab and I went in thinking the 7" screen might be too small, but when I held it in my hands, it felt just right.  There is something about that 7" form factor that is pretty d*mn good, even if you might not think it will be.


That all said though, give it time and I think you'll find that RIM is going to come out with additional sizes. 

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Re: Blackberry Playbook Screen Size - Vote!

Get a Motorola xoom. It has about the same specs with a 10.1 inch screen.

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Re: Blackberry Playbook Screen Size - Vote!

This is a personal choice. Some people like Smarts others like Camrys and then the rest of us likes Suburbans.... ;-) They are all cars (or trucks)


Anyhow - I've used both iPad and currently have Galaxy Tab and prefer the Galaxy ---- sorry just dont see myself carrying iPad everywhere I go...


Also the resolution is nearly the same - from what I recall I think ipad is 800 vertical so you get 200x1024 extra pixels but i still enjoy reading WSJ, NYTimes and browse the web on the Galaxy without thinking it should be bigger. So i am all for 7" but again its based on my preference. My wife liked iPad better. there is something with Apple and women that cannot be explained. 


Oh the only think iPad is better is battery life and responsiveness. Battery life sucks on the Galaxy. Its probably because of true multitasking OS, etc... oh I am getting off topic.

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Re: Blackberry Playbook Screen Size - Vote!

I don't mind the 7", it'll make the PlayBook a very mobile device. But I could see RIM announcing a PlayBook 10" in the future.

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Re: Blackberry Playbook Screen Size - Vote!

They've already said there will be other formats in the future, so I fully expect there to be something to compete in the 10" space in future.  I can also conceive of them doing a slightly smaller version to overlap the smartphone space a bit (competing with the Dell Streak maybe), once the 3G/4G models are out.


As for the 7", I think it's totally awesome... perfect for a hand-held highly portable tool like this.  It fits in jacket pockets or in a purse.  It's small and light enough to be held for long periods, even in a reclining position -- that is, it should make a great ebook reader!  It's small enough to hand to kids to shut them up for a couple of hours with some stupid video or some games. ;-)


"To each his own" as JRab just said.  I'd be worried about any vendor with only one size, and certainly with any vendor who rabidly claimed they knew better than the market (yet... it's early days!) exactly which sizes were perfect and which were, say, "dead on arrival".


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Re: Blackberry Playbook Screen Size - Vote!

Thanks for all the great feedback. It's always nice to see how others feel about a given topic. I suppose it all comes down to personal preference, and seeing as how big the market is, there's enough for everybody. With that said, I would love to see a 10" PlayBook. I would call it the BlackBerry Game Changer! ... "I will coin that name as mine" ... 



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Re: Blackberry Playbook Screen Size - Vote!

Is there any further news about this "not ready for prime time" device?  Why in the world would RIM want to ruin their Blackberry "brand" by releasing a product into the market place under the name "Blackberry" that cannot get mail directly and  that needs to be tethered to another device (a Blackberry phone) to do so?  How about calling it a "Raspberry" instead, because raspberries are what it deserves.  Yes, RIM has promised that the Playbook eventually will be upgraded with the standard Blackberry capabilities.  But that strategy is dumb.  The experience that Motorola has had releasing the Xoom before Flash was ready for it, and before it could be used on Verizon's 4G network has ruined its sales of that device.  It will ruin demand for the Playbook.


What makes the need to tether the Playbook to a Blackberry phone particularly bothersome is that I don't even need to carry my phone if I have an Android or Apple tablet running on a data plan (3G or 4G). Instead, I can forward calls from my existing Blackberry telephone line (using one of the availalbe Apps such as 2nd Line) and can leave my cell phone at home   So, I don't even need to carry my Blackberry in my pocket; I can use my IPad2 as if I had my Blackberry with me.  And, if I want to just buy a Wifi version of an Android or Apple tablet, I can still run 2nd Line utilizing VOIP telephony.


As to the other deficiencies of the Playbook, as you have pointed out the Playbook, it is being characterized as a "tablet" when the form factor is neither that of a tablet nor a phone, but something in between.  As you have suggested, this form factor has many drawbacks.  In my view, here are the biggest problems:

  • First and foremost, when used as a business device it will not allow me to show clients and customers PowerPoint demos and websites unless I connect it to a projector.  By contrast, I can simply take my IPad 2 or Xoom and hand it across the table to a client or customer and allow my client or customer (and a colleague of his sitting at his side) to watch a slide show. 
  • Second, it will be far less convenient for me to use the Playbook as a scratchpad, with filing capabilities for my notes, because the writing surface is so small.  So I will have to carry both my current portfolio and my Blackberry.  An IPad or Xoom allows me to carry just one device.   

Rather than the smaller form factor making this a better business device, it makes it far less suitable for business.


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