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Adobe AIR Development

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Debugger Connection Failed

I compile from Flash Builder Burrito using Debug and load the app directly onto device from Flash Builder (Using Simulator v. 0.9.4). Over the "Loading your Application..." screen a dialog is presented, saying: *Debugger Connection Failed". I click Cancel and the application launches.


After enabling gpu acceleration in the Flash Builder app descriptor xml file, then trying the app again, clicking Cancel in the Debugger Connection Failed dialog does not dismiss the dialog and the app does not start. I revert the app descriptor xml file to NOT use gpu mode and the app runs again. There appears to be a problem preventing setting the app to use gpu acceleration.


I have tried:

uninstalling app from simulator

restarting simulator

updating app version in the xml descriptor file

entering local ip address as assigned by router into the dialog, 

entered Simulator ip address into the dialog

entered the ip address assigned to my system as found with this service: http://whatismyipaddress.com/


Attempting to launch the app again (the non-GPU version that can be launched directly from Flash Builder) by clicking the app icon in the Simulator fails.


-- Is GPU acceleration supported?

-- What IP address should be entered for debugging? My local router-assigned IP? 

-- What is the best practice for overriding an application on the device -- Uninstall first? Update the app version? Just re-compile and upload to device?


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Re: Debugger Connection Failed

I have the same error but on my actual Playbook. I can "Run As" the application fine but as soon as I try to debug it I get "Debugger Connection Failed".


What am I doing wrong? 



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Re: Debugger Connection Failed

For me it's saying Debugger Connection Failed, then asking for an IP address.  After looking up and entering the IP addr of the computer, it works.


Where is it getting from ?  There's no such address on my subnet.



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Re: Debugger Connection Failed

I have faced with familiar problem. This problem accures when I develope and debug my application under different devices, including simulators.

For some reason, FlashBuilder hold and trying to use first IP address of the application run. This is wrong.

To avoid this You need to navigate to the FlashBuilder Preferences, finde there TargetPlatform and DO NOT use Automatically. Set correct IP address there:


In this case, the first use was at simulator, but when I back to the real device, FlashBuilder keep connect debuger to the simulator. I have to swith back to the realtek to debug application at real device.

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Re: Debugger Connection Failed

Tried turning off Wi-Fi so it would use the USB connection.  Then, the computer asked for an IP instead of the tablet.


Re-enabled Developer Mode on the tablet, copied the IP shown there, entered that in the debug config on the computer, and now it's working without asking each time.