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Signing Issues (The specified CSK password is not valid)

Hey there,


I have several apps published in BlackBerry World and had to move to a new Mac after a HDD failure.  Now I am attempted to get my code signing working to release new versions of my apps.  I have spent hours going down various paths with no luck.  Just looking for the simplest way to get back up and running.  For instance is there any way to start with a clean slate by downloading my info from BBWorld?


Some info:

From my old Mac I do have copies of my old Developer Certificate (.p12) and .csj files (client-PBDT-XXXXXX.csj and client-RDK-XXXXXXX.csj). 


Among many things that I have tried,  I used the Eclipse->Preferences->BlackBerry->BlackBerry Tools SDK->Bar Signer to “Obtain Blackberry ID token for signing” which now says my Status is complete.  (I do not understand if that created a new token which make all of my old info invalid.)


I have created numerous “Developer Certificates” via Eclipse->Preferences->BlackBerry->BlackBerry Tools SDK->Bar Signer using the passwords that I might have used in the past for BlackBerry signing.  And I also selected that old .p12 file that I did have from the old Mac.  In all cases I still get the “The specified CSK password is not valid” error when I try to sign my apk.


At no point can I find where I can specify/insert my old csj files into the BlackBerry plug-in’s code signing info.  And I am not sure if those csjs are not-applicable, since I used the “Obtain Blackberry ID token for signing” feature to request a new token.


And I assume that I can request new code signing keys via https://www.blackberry.com/SignedKeys/codesigning.html, but I hope that that is not required as that will make all of my package IDs change. And I know that is another painful process to deal with.


Any help would be appreciated.







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Re: Signing Issues (The specified CSK password is not valid)

Hey Mark,


First off, congrats on the new Mac and I'm sorry you're having some difficulties.


In short, the two .CSJ files were required for the old signing process. We have now upgraded to consolidated method, via BlackBerry ID integration, and the BlackBerry signing token.


Mark Sohm wrote a great blog about the transition here: http://devblog.blackberry.com/2013/08/code-signing-keys-be-gone-welcome-blackberry-id/ and I think one of the steps you may have missed is linking the two together. Keep in mind that the password between the token and the CSJ files wouldn't be the same by default. You would have set the password for the token in the form that you filled out to obtain it.



Justin Jasmann | Android Application Development Consultant
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Re: Signing Issues (The specified CSK password is not valid)



Thanks.  I had seen that page and attempted that below.


But I gave it another try.  This is what I have just done.


1) Backed up and then deleted all of my ~/Library/Research In Motion/*.* files to start from stratch

2) Uninstalled the BB Eclipse plug-in and then reinstalled it

3) Opened up the Perferences->....->Bar Signer page in eclipse

4) Obtained a new BlackBerry ID Token using PASSWORD_NEW (for example)

5) Status went to complete on Bar Signer page

6) Created a new Developer certificate using PASSWORD_NEW again

7) ls'ed ~/Library/Research In Motion to verify my "bbidtoken.csk" file was created at  the time of step 4 above

8) Dropped to the command line and cd'ed to ./


9) executed

 ./blackberry-signer -linkcsk  -bbidtoken ~/Library/Research\ In\ Motion/bbidtoken.csk -oldcskpass PASSWORD_OLD -bbidcskpass PASSWORD_NEW

10) I still get a "Error: The specified CSK password is not valid." error

11) Tried all four of my four possibile values for PASSWORD_OLD with the same error each time.

12) In addition when I attempt to "Sign for BlackBerry World".  I get same error.



1) Is the "Error: The specified CSK password is not valid." complaining about the password provided for bbidcskpass or oldcskpass?

2) I recall that in my prior troubleshooting that I had obtained a new bbidtoken via your web page and that the password had to be pretty short.  I know my PASSWORD_NEW is longer than that, but the plug-in did not complain about my PWD.  Could the issue be that my PASSWORD_NEW is too long?

3) Why at step 12 above is the plug-in complaining?  Even if I am not linked to my old csk, shouldn't I be able to sign my app? I assume I would just get  a "Package ID" error when I attempt to upload the file.

4) What does linking to my old csk do anyways (benefit to me)?  Does it just prevent the Package ID error?  If that is the case, I know that I can kindly request you guys to reset my Package ID to allow an upload with new keys (had to do that last year once).

5) Any thoughts on how to get out of this?


Thanks again.


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Re: Signing Issues (The specified CSK password is not valid)

The CSJ files that you have can only be installed once.  Did you use the IDE to back up your keys after you installed the CSJ files (the setup wizard would walk you through that when you installed them)?  If so, extract that to your new computer as described here:


Backup and Restore BlackBerry Code Signing Keys


After you've performed the restore you can link your keys to your BlackBerry ID Token.  This will prevent future issues like forgotten password or lost keys.  You can simply log into your BlackBerry ID account and download a new token whenever you need one.


If you don't have a backup you'll need to start fresh with a new BlackBerry ID Token, which will change the package ID as you mentioned.

Mark Sohm
BlackBerry Development Advisor

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