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Re: Blackberry LE 10 Ship Date - 6 Weeks Minimum



Still minimum 6 weeks away.


So April 5th-ish would theoretically be the first ship date. For the bigger countries, probably, with bigger warehouses. So if you're not first, and you're not in the first line-up of countries, realistically probably mid-late May delivery. 

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Re: Blackberry LE 10 Ship Date - 6 Weeks Minimum

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Re: Blackberry LE 10 Ship Date - 6 Weeks Minimum

Uhh, just wait and wait.. for everything

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Re: Blackberry LE 10 Ship Date - 6 Weeks Minimum

Hopefully this long wait doesn't mean the Q10 or any of the other planned stuff gets pushed back either.

Wonder what is taking so long. Surely they've got huge factories churning out BBs for them.
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Re: Blackberry LE 10 Ship Date - 6 Weeks Minimum

Ok. Let me explain you something: It's FREE!


I agree that they do this to motivate application developers but still.

They gave us free alpha devices to develop, just that fact alone is something big : no other smartphone manufacturer ever did something like this (not in a such large scale I mean)


In addition BlackBerry is offering you a FREE Limited Edition Z10 device. You only have to develop an app. You will receive a free phone that has a retail value of about 700$ (considering it is a limited edition).


Yet you still complain that it's taking too long before you receive the device. Wake up! No other companies offer such device to small developers as us (at least me), you HAVE to use a simulator (or a retail device you paid) to develop on other platform. If you are not happy with the shipping time, why don't you just grab a brand new Z10 from the store, the same way you would do it for other platforms?


On an other tone: Thank you BlackBerry for believing in us as much as we believe in you!

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Re: Blackberry LE 10 Ship Date - 6 Weeks Minimum

Chill out, people are only on here talking about it because they are so excited to get it in the first place. I still stand by what I said I would have done a lot more BB Dev work if I already had the Z10, and will do a lot when I get it. (not that I haven't done any in the past few weeks, I have).

Reason being I could make apps that I would find useful as the owner of a Z10.

That being said I do think BlackBerry is way ahead of any other company in developer relations I would recommend it anyone as a great platform to work with. So we agree on that!

Extremely stocked to get the Z10 and toss this Android phone in the trash!
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