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Email Dev Alpha C

How long does it take to get the email with the code?
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Re: Email Dev Alpha C

I don't know if the mail with the code has a deadline. A lot of people have already received the mail with the code. Maybe some mails still need to be sent out, but maybe some should start thinking they will not receive 1 of the 1,500 devices. I don't want to dissappoint anyone of course, just being realistic here, there are only 1,500 devices, and a lot more developers.

As for the mail with the details for pick-up, that should be somewhere between 24 and 48 hours after you filled in your code.

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Re: Dev Alpha C Ship info Check your E-Mail

I got the redemption code mail, entered it but no shipping email yet...

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Re: Dev Alpha C Ship info Check your E-Mail

I've filled out the shipping order form. 6 - 8 weeks seems like a long time. The Q10 thing will be out in certain countries before then :smileyfrustrated:


Will those of us in North America get it a bit more quickly?

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Re: Dev Alpha C Ship info Check your E-Mail

Just got my email for shipping info also!



Questions about Shipping?

  1. When will I receive my Dev Alpha C device?

    Please allow for 6-8 weeks to receive your new Dev Alpha C device.

  2. How do I receive my tracking information?

    Tracking information will be included in the shipping confirmation email. This email will be sent when your order ships.

  3. Who do I contact for questions/concerns?

    Please contact clientcare@brandalliance.com with questions regarding your
    Dev Alpha C.

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Re: Dev Alpha C Ship info Check your E-Mail

Got my shipping Email also. 


I agree, 6-8 weeks could be a bit too late if they want us to make stuff BEFORE the Q10 launch is to go state side. I am hoping it will arrive sooner. 

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Re: Dev Alpha C Ship info Check your E-Mail

Waiting everytime 6-8 week with brand alliance.. Why they cant ship everything without a week.. For every developer this is so bad..
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Re: Dev Alpha C Ship info Check your E-Mail

Agreed, would be great if shipping speed could be sped up to ensure developers have them minimum 2 weeks before Q10 launch.
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Re: Dev Alpha C Ship info Check your E-Mail

Redeemed Dev Alpha C on 28th itself..email to complete shipping not received yet!!!anyone with similar issue? 

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Re: Dev Alpha C Ship info Check your E-Mail

i think they have send to jam profile's email-id,

you may contact customerservice@brandalliance.com

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