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How to ship Dev alpha

I have my original box for the dev alpha bu i want to keep it for the record my question is, could ship the dev alpha device itself with NO BOX, NO CHARGER AND NO USB CABLE JUST DEVICE? some staff please answer.


Many thanks blackberry

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Re: How to ship Dev alpha

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I think you are unlikely to get an answer from staff as shipping is handled by a 3rd party company.


Others have written they have only shipped the phone.

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Re: How to ship Dev alpha

return the device and contents the way they were received that would be preferred.

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Re: How to ship Dev alpha

Yeah dude, if you keep the charger and usb cable you do so at your own risk!

That being said I have read on the forum that someone had sent only the DevAlpha in one of those larger grey envelops wrapped in bubble wrap. They said it was fine.

In my case I put all the contents back into the original box with some tape and the sticker over top. I think this is the preferred thing to do.
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Re: How to ship Dev alpha

I didn't return it in the same box as I received it in, because I don't think I have it anymore. So for that part, it isn't an issue.

I also heard other people not returning the charger, where it was accepted. So I don't think that is an issue either. Then for the USB cable, as far as I know there was no such cable in the package I received.

So taking it all in account, only returning the device should be sufficient I guess.
But returning everything is preferred.

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Re: How to ship Dev alpha

Alright guys I shipped my device from the United Arab Emirates and it was a very simple process.

You just need to find any small box that will fit the Dev Alpha Inside it. Add in some protection like bubble paper or whatever. If you have the Dev Alpha box, that's more than enough.

There is no need for the charger and the USB cable as on the UPS Invoice, Declared Items they've only mentioned the Smartphone with a declared value of USD 550.

Now as far as UPS is concerned, Just print out the Shipping Labels that Blackberry Developer Relations Sent you and carry any form of identification with you. The guy will make you sign a couple of papers, copy your id etc

Once all this done, Your box is kept inside a UPS Envelope and all the shipping documents are attached along with it. 

Thats it :smileyhappy:

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Re: How to ship Dev alpha

Hope device is enough im sending mine today.
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Re: How to ship Dev alpha

I sent back the box I received but USB cable I couldn't find. I selected UPS Pick-Up and they sent me an email, that's not available in my location. Then I just tried it on the web - the guy came in a few hours, picked it up, just checked the shipping label. Nothing more (within EU) is needed.