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Now available on eBay - my soul

I find it very annoying that eBay are accepting these sales as they are clearly breaking the law


If you look at one of the images posted by the Z10 LE got one crowd the device is clearly labelled as property of Research In Motion (it's under the battery)


This means that while BB give us one for nothing they are not, stictly, our property - it's a forever loan


I've seen Dev Alphas go for $3k (illegal again)


I know someone who has gamed the system, he's got 30 accounts. We dropped him as a co-developer when we found out (he bragged about it)


Me - I just want my LE and DA-C which I have rightfully worked for


Would I like more than one? To do what with? Sell on eBay?


I must admit that I did do one fair piece of playing the system. This was for a developer who could do with a LE but procured from someone who don't.


Dev #1 was eligible for LE

Dev #2 let LE qualification slip


#1 gets a LE, #2 gets a DA-C


I, in no way, benefit other than the satisfaction of knowing I did something good to help my friends

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Re: Now available on eBay - my soul

Peardox, why you are bothered if some developer put his LE on sale on eBay? Personally, I would not put mine on sale when I get it, but I really don't mind what other developers will do with their devices. Everyone could got DevAlpha if attended to BBJam or was active on portathons. Nobody prevented anyone to get DevAlpha, develop app, and became eligible for tradeup.

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