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Qualify for BB10?

(Sorry if this has alredy been answered but I couldn't find it)


I am a little bit confused with the wording of the Limited Edition ToC. When it says that the application must be built for BB10, that means it should be an app developed targeting BB10 (e.g. using cascades) or that it must be approved in the "Built for BB10" program of the appworld? And, if it's the later case, the 28th deadline is for app submission or for applying to that program?.


I think there is already too many programs with "BB10" in the name :smileyhappy:

PS: waiting the guy from fedex to drop the dev alpha... the pin code of the device can't be obtained until I receive it, right?

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Re: Qualify for BB10?

it means developer must built an app for BB10

the 'Built for BlackBerry' is not required to qualify for LE trade up program.
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Re: Qualify for BB10?

So, asuming that the apps are not incredibly silly, any of those that qualified to obtain the dev alpha in the first place should suffice, right?
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Re: Qualify for BB10?

papabob500, I don't recall there being any specific app requirement to get the Dev Alpha, at least not in all cases. Some people had no apps when they got the device.

The requirement basically means it can't be an existing app that was already in BlackBerry World and which was re-submitted without changes for BB10.

That means if you had a PlayBook app written in AIR, for example, and it works unchanged on BB10, then it isn't enough to qualify for the LE. If you customize it for BB10 or write another app for BB10, then that's enough. In short, if you did no work related to BB10 at all, then you don't deserve the LE, at least by my own re-interpretation of what the requirement implies...

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Re: Qualify for BB10?

I know indeed some people who have received a Dev Alpha Device in Amsterdam last year, for a BB 10 World Tour Jam (or something like that, don't remember the correct title). And they didn't even have a working BB application. They only had an idea of an application, that they submitted, for which they then received a Dev Alpha device.

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Re: Qualify for BB10?

But w/o app there is no trade up.
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