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After Importing Tasks and Memos | Let's Move them from Remember to Calendar? More Extra Steps

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After grabbing all your Tasks and Memos from BB OS 7.1, all the entries go unfiled into the Remember App. This is nice, but not nice. Anyone writing code to export these to the Calendar App or within Remember to 'move' them to the Calendar App? Does this make any sense to be left to redo these tasks and memos that invariably and potentially become Calendar worthy in terms of absolute reminders in advance of the due date?


It would seem logical, that say, for example, that if your old memos become potential Tasks, both the tasks and memos in Remember are somewhat treated the same. So now to export them possibly into the Calendar app? What am I missing here? 


What would be the work around here temporarily until code is written to take all of your imported tasks and memos from, say, OS 7.1, now inside the Remember App, and send them OPTIONALLY to the Calendar? Nothing I can see at the moment...


Sometimes Memos turn into Tasks, which then could lead to Due Dates/Appointments/Do-To's in the Calendar App IF so chosen. But there isn't a strong blood relationship between Remember and Calendar. If there is, someone advise.


Relationship: Remember<>Calendar (In other words, strengthening the gap between Remember and Calendar.


When you've a SLEW of old Tasks and Memos coming from the previous OS's...wow...


In my Old Bold 9930 I had over a thousand valid memos, and over 2,300 regular tasks, segmented. Now joyously and unfortunately in the Remember App, WHAT A "TASK" TO FILE THEM WITHOUT ANY EXPORT to the Calendar or for the new Calendar to receive them with open arms and bifurcate them accordingly. (Splitting the main into two parts yet having the bond between the apps as close as possible)...


Sad that the old Tasks in BB OS 7.1 now imported into the Remember App has to be copied and pasted into the Calendar App for the Reminder and Re-occurrences, etc. Am I missing something? What a daunting task for power copy/paste people on a full qwerty to a touch keyboard.


Fervently experimenting with QNX Developers on this one. Need a cognitive, logical thought structure here to make this alleged "smooth" transition from one baton to the next baton (OS 7.1 to BB 10 in this area). Dropping the baton won't win the race against the competition here...


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Re: After Importing Tasks and Memos | Let's Move them from Remember to Calendar? More Extra Steps


from a pure technical point of view, on BlackBerry 10, you have distinct objects:
- Remember Tasks
- Remember Memos
- Calendar Events
- Alarm (1)

the two first are today configured to be somehow compatible with :
- Evernote
- Microsoft Exchange

It is normal to have tasks and calendar events in two separate databases. A task and a meeting are different.

On the other hand, currently in BlackBerry 10 :
1) Remember tasks can have a due date, but not a due date+time. This used to be the case in OS5/OS6/OS7
2) Remember tasks currently cannot be displayed in the calendar view. This used to be the case too in OS5/OS6/OS7.

I wish these two items are fixed in an upcoming BB10 OS version.

The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too:
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Re: After Importing Tasks and Memos | Let's Move them from Remember to Calendar? More Extra Steps

Well, what I've done is just the opposite as far as Calendar to Remember as the Calendar has the "Share" function base. With an extra step or two and of a 'cleaning house' from the import  from the old OS7.1, I've brought all my tasks and memos into the calendar and brought them back into their respective folder(s) inside of Remember.


You see, because the Remember app is so vast or initially treated as vast, if one is fast enought to power copy/paste while cleaning house, take all your memos, tasks, etc into the Calendar and sync Remember with the Calendar manually via the due date/time function in Calendar, then you've a precusor reminder due date in Remember, which then leads to your day's events in Calendar.


For me I've not doubled up on the amount of tasks and memos, but provided myself as a power BB user the ability to work around and strengthen the relationship between the two apps. If the due date is accurate on the Remember app (if chosen), you do get reminded that particular day, and on that particular day you can then revew the day's notes/memos from within the Calendar app, clean the task/memo house as you move along, and sit back until the code is written just for the reversal of what protocol I've taken here. Either way, you avoid third party apps, your passion for BlackBerry remains, and your productivity is elevated with BlackBerry 10.


A lot of people don't realize how powerful QNX is as I am working with QNX developers now with feedback within the ebb & flow of the code. Give less than three years through BlackBerry Evangelism, Philanthropic aspirations and more, and BlackBerry will take back a strong segmented market space and enhance the quality of lives for those who are loyal and believe in BlackBerry as a lifestyle. All BlackBerry, all of the time.

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