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Re: Blackberry Bold 9700 Battery Life

yes the switch app will show whats is running.


anything that is running is taking CPU cycles and making battery life shorter.


there are so many things that can cause battery life to degrade and not just one tips will solve for all.


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Re: Blackberry Bold 9700 Battery Life

I third that - use usb from computer for better charge. Just be sure that it doesn't go to sleep (if using laptop) because this will put your berry into a comma Smiley Very Happy (kidding) it will turn off your berry. 

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9700 Battery Life

More BlackBerry Bold 9700 battery problems here.

My carrier (T-Mobile UK) very kindly sent me a second battery a few months ago, and said I could either keep or safely dispose of the first one (I kept it).  Both batteries display the same performance, which I consider mediocre.

If the phone is charged overnight using the mains charger and I switch on at say 7am I would be lucky to get to 5pm without needing to recharge.  This is WITHOUT any GPS use, but does include constant bluetooth use (a health issue necessitating this).  WITH some GPS use it would die a lot sooner.


One tip I have to share is to select "location off" (BB button, options, advanced, GPS - then do the reverse of this when you do want to use GPS related apps such as maps or facebook places) - I found this "location off" option after going into facebook places the second time of using it and being scared that it had found my new location without me having done anything.


Does anyone have any other suggestions please?  I will certainly try the "charging via a USB device" though this isn't really practical as I don't want to keep my PC powered up overnight.

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9700 Battery Life

Same problem here too.  I never have WiFi on, nor Bluetooth.   Off a fresh boot (battery removal and insertion), I'll have NO apps running other than the default mail, phone, homescreen, bbm and browser.   If I use the phone minimally, it will from about 7:45am till about midnight, when it will be completely drained.   It's not a battery problem - I've replaced the battery.  It must be a handset problem.   The only left to do, which I am reluctant, is to wipe the unit.

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9700 Battery Life

I also have this problem.

I have had my Bold 9700 for 10 months with no battery issues until yesterday, when the battery life was a joke. I charged the phone 24 hours ago and at 6 o'clock this morning the phone was dead Smiley Sad I hadn't used the phone all that much in that time... had made no calls... received one very breif call (about a 20 second call).... checked facebook a couple times with the browser because the app is useless.... otherwise, nothing.


I have not changed the way I use the phone at all. I always have wi-fi on as I'm at home all day. I keep bluetooth on so when I go in my car it activates bluebooth with my headunit automatically. This has *never* been an issue with the battery life before so I am not accepting that this is the issue now.


I use the phone mainly for calls, texts/BBM etc and have the odd app. I don't play games on the phone etc.

I checked to see what was running in the background and other than the usual stuff, it was just photobucket which I have now closed fully. Can't see that draining the battery though myself....


My instinct straight away was a battery replacement but reading through this thread has been useful in a way.... and I am glad I'm not the only one to experience poor battery life suddenly.

Those who have tried a battery replacement have not noticed any difference it seems, so not sure whether to try that or not now. I will have to keep an eye on things and if nothing improves, will be taking a trip to my local O2 store for a chat..... Smiley Happy

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9700 Battery Life

My battery only lasts about 6-7 hours when I don't use it. And that is after a full charge. I did the full charge cycle when I had the phone replaced about a week ago. Any thoughts?

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9700 Battery Life

i have been a blackberry user for 6+ years...


my newest blackberry is a bold 9700  which i have had from about 8 months...


no major complaints... the screen stopped working and had to be replaced, and other than that it has been good


until 48hrs ago i was getting 3 days on a charge with pretty heavy use (3 email accounts, bbm, google maps, phone usage)


all of a sudden i (2 days ago) i started getting less than 12hrs on a charge...  no new installs, running the latest updates, no apps running in the background, replaced both the battery and the charger...etc etc etc....


any ideas?

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9700 Battery Life

My 9700 just started displaying the exact same behavior you described. Did you ever get a solution for the problem?

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9700 Battery Drain Issue - Solutions Found!

[ Edited ]

I've had this battery issue for the past 3-4 months and have spent much time trolling the Internet for answers, and I've tried every suggestion I found (deleting all apps, etc).  None worked until now.  I think I've finally come across the reason for the battery drain issue on my Bold 9700.  I read an forum post somewhere that surmised the Blackberry OS is having trouble accessing the MicroSD card and then drains the battery as it keeps trying.  The post had the following two tips for resolving the issue:

Tip 1:  Remove and reinsert the microSD card (if installed).  Select  "Options -> Device -> Storage ->" then press the menu key and choose "Safely Remove Media Card".  Then pop the back cover off, remove the SD card, then reinsert it.  So I tried this, and behold, my battery life went back to 3-4 days!  But after a few days, the battery issue came back.  I didn't try removing and reinserting it again because I decided to try tip 2 (below) instead.

Tip 2:  Turn compression off.  Select "Options -> Device -> Storage", and change the Compression setting.  Please note, though, that RIM recommends that you leave this setting turned on.  So if turning it off doesn't solve your issue, turn it back on.  Not sure if this setting affects compression on the card or the BB memory or both, or whatever.  But my SD card is empty (maybe 6 pictures) and this tip has worked for me for the last month, and I now have a BB that stays charged for up to 4 days instead of a measly 8 hours.  And no more spinning clocks!  So I'm keeping the setting off for now.

Try these tips and post what your results are.

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9700 Battery Life

I have tried the solutions mentioned for the past 3 weeks. The problem does not happen that frequent but it still happen.


My BB OS version is . I am not sure whether is this latest version that is causing the problem.


I don't think is the battery problem because I am using 2 batteries currently and both are new. The phone is still causing the same issue. It still have about 40% battery left and then the error will pop-up saying battery drained and device is shutting down. It is frustrating when this happen during calls. I have to swap batteries.. Sigh...


Does anyone have any solution?