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8300 Freeze and Crash While on Phone

I've had my 8300 since February or so and for the last several months it's been doing this thing where I am talking to someone, when suddenly they get cut off.  The screen is usually black at this point (because I wasn't using it anyways) but the red light at the top flashes a few times (though I don't necessarily have any messages), then the screen lights up and I get a turning hourglass.  This will stay like this for anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, during which I cannot do anything (turn it off, even taking the battery out doesn't fix it, as it returns to doing it when I put the battery back in) aside from activate Caps, Alt, or Num Lock (not that those do any good, of course).  When it's done doing this, the Blackberry logo comes up and my home screen appears, giving me a message reading "Verifying Security Software".  After this, I can use the phone, but it doesn't have the memory of the previous call (in other words, it doesn't show up in my recent call list, nor does it remember who the last person I called was in my address book).


These freeze ups don't happen regularly at all, they're entirely random and I know I'm not accidentally pressing anything to cause it.


I've called tech support at both Blackberry and my service provider, neither of which were much help.  Even talking with the people I bought the phone from, they didn't have any idea what the problem was. 


One tech support guy did ask me what my memory usage was like and he said it was fine, so it's not that the call is overloading it or something.

Any ideas?  I will GREATLY appreciate any help, as you might image this is really really aggrivating.  Thanks!

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Re: 8300 Freeze and Crash While on Phone

Hi ZacPensol


Try reloading your BlackBerry Device software using instructions from here.  Application loads usually fix crashing errors or anything else software related.



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Re: 8300 Freeze and Crash While on Phone

Did you try the reinstall?  Mine makes a loud buzzing noise right before it shuts down.  Do you have the same problem?
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Re: 8300 Freeze and Crash While on Phone


I have the same problem...buzzing noise, then the phone just crashes and turns off.  It does minutes to restart it. 


Any solutions?



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Re: 8300 Freeze and Crash While on Phone


Mine does the same thing too..... screen goes black.  Often during a call but sometimes when using the browser or other applications.  After a few minutes the watch glass comes on and it basically reboots.  It seems to recover faster if I plug it in????? Although it still comes back without being plugged....and starts working again. So I don't think it is a battery issue unless the battery is losing charge for a few seconds.


I am on Rogers in Canada. 


I reloaded the software and applications. It did not solve the problem.


It started happening when my 8310 Curve was about 1.5 years old.  It was occasional at first. Once every week or two. Now it happens 2 or 3 times per day.


When I reloaded everything from scratch, I did not install any 3rd party applications or restore any databases.  It did not fix the problem.


Only thing left to try is a new battery. Don't want to waste $50 bucks on a new battery if the hardware is faulty. Rather just buy a new phone.







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Re: 8300 Freeze and Crash While on Phone

Hi there,


I hope someone comes up with a solution.


I have the same problem: My BB 8310 (approx 1.5 years old) started to provide really bad voice quality (echos, humming) until one day I received a call while I was on talking to someone else. My phone crashed and a battery pull solved the problem.


This issue became gradually worse until my BB bacame unusable as every call I make or receive will end up dropping, as the humming gets louder and louder until the phone freezes.


Please reply if you have a solution to this problem, as reinstalling the firmware (Rogers or BB firmware) didn't resolve my problem.


Thank you!

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Re: 8300 Freeze and Crash While on Phone

Have the same problem... please help