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Re: How To SMS ON 8350i?

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just as everyone else... I used to use a Blackberry 7100i..... and was very dissapointed that we could not sms from it... then I got all hyped up about the new BB the 8350I for the Telus Mike network and then again greatly dissapointed that AGAIN Telus knowing it was an issue well didnt fix it...


So not to long ago I was talking to a friend of mine who works at telus she one day happen to be having a training session with a rep from Blackberry and so she asked the guy about the on going text messaging issues.... and it was found that it something telus has blocked apparently... 


Not sure if this is true or not but if it is.... its rather well SAD! The blackberry would be so helpful with my business as I run my own company and all my drivers and people have the Mike network phones.... 


I highly doubt this issue will be fixed unless like others have said a miracle happens!  :smileysad:


ALSO has anyone tired to unlock the any of these black berries to see if infact the provider has blocked their feature through programing.... (7100i and the  Curve 8350i)

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Re: How To SMS ON 8350i?

OK people, If you want your BB 8350i to be able to have the "Compose SMS text" option just follow these instructions, and let me know if it works for you guys:

1) Go to "Options">"SMS Text",
2) Where it says "Data Coding", change it to & make sure it says "UCS2",
3)Where it says "Service Center", type: +13348000011 and click "Save",
4) Try to MMS someone and make sure it sends/receives MMS normally from your handset,
5) Do a battery pull and now it should appear the "Compose SMS Text" option when you press the BB menu button.

*Note: I'm a Nextel postpaid customer so I'm not sure if it works for Boostberrys, so just let me know =)

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Re: How To SMS ON 8350i?

I kind of don't understand the issue...  I have the 8350i using NexTel...  I use the MMS feature and use it with other people on all other networks and it comes across to them as an SMS, when they reply, I reply..  it works absolutely fine for me.  Occasionally there is a delay but for the most part it works great...  I am the only one in our sales team using MMS while everyone else is using SMS and we have rarely missed a beat...


Is there another issue that you guys are referring to that I am missing?

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Re: How To SMS ON 8350i?

My boss just got this phone and mine should be in the mail tommoro, I have been reading since 2008 when this phone launched how there is nothing but text messaging issues with this phone. When I recieve the phone what should I do such as software updates, and or other things to make sure that the texting messaging works and is not delayed 5 or 6 hours likes my bosses is??? Is it worth hanging onto this phone or ditching it? Me and my boss were avid texters to each other about important things that needed to be done fast. We cant be having a 6 hour delay on messages. Please let me know and any help would be great thank you.


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Re: How To SMS ON 8350i?

thank you for posting something I can actually understand and that actually helps.. I just got this phone yesterday and i called in and asked about sms and me and the rep got into an argument because he said that the 8350i did not have sms texting and that i have to use mms. So i asked why it would say sms and mms on the inbox screen if it did not have sms. He said it was just the way they made the os for the phone.

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Re: How To SMS ON 8350i?



I tried this it worked half way.  I can send them SMS but they come back MMS any suggests now.



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Re: How To SMS ON 8350i?

if you are with Telus.  3 issues exist.  1- call waiting will trigger your speaker phone to come on, only way to stop it is by removing battery.

2. when making a call via bluetooth you will not hear the other side ring until the other person picks up.

3.MOSMS issues  multimedia messaging


there was a schedule release for the new software upgrade to correct this.  Version


back in September 2010 but there was also issues with this release LOL!!    NO news yet  but I hope this answers your questions.