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How to connect and use WiFi??

i just got my blackberry 8900. i talked to my service provider and they said if the phone is equipped with WiFi then i should be able to use it without being charged. Can someone do me a big favor and write a tutorial on how i can connect to WiFi? i keep getting stopped by the phone asking me to press in a sort of key right when im about to connect, such as a WEP key? nd other sorts of keys. can someone explain WiFi to me?
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Re: How to connect and use WiFi??

I'm new to the 8900 also.. but here is what I understand. 


1. Do this: Go to Settings --> Options --> Advanced Options --> Browser --> Change "Default browser configuration:" to "Hotspot Browser" from "MediaNet".  This will automaticlly use WiFi instead of Edge/BB Network when a WiFi hotspost is detected and logged into.


2. The password you are being asked for is the WEP password set on you home network wireless router.  Same thing if you tried to use someone elses laptop at your house to connect to your router.  You set the password and anytime you connect a device to your network you need to enter it.  If you forgot what it is.. then login to your router and reset it.. usually 10 letters/digits.


3. Now you can go to Setup --> Set Up WiFi --> Go through the wizard (Next) --> Scan for Networks --> Select yours or the one you want to connect to --> Enter the WAP password if one is required -->  Once setup you can go to the "Wi-Fi Hotspot Login" and connect.  Or you can go to "Browser" on you main icon list and should take you to the internet (due to step #1 above).  Make sure the upper left corner says "WiFi" and not "Edge". 


4. Once logged into the internet push the BB button (left of track ball) and go to --> Options --> Browser settings.  Here check all the checkboxes and scroll to the bottom to enter the homepage you want your browser to open to (I use google:  http://google.com).  From there you can add bookmarks and browse as you like.


5. From then on out.. you should just have to press the "Browser" icon on the main list to connect.  But always make sure you are using WiFi in upper right corner and not Edge.


Good luck.. this is at least a start...others with more knowledge can probably add more info.

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Re: How to connect and use WiFi??

hi to connect you wi fi try going to setting and 'set up wi-fi' press 'next' and then choose 'scan for networks'  then choose your network and enter key if need do . Then go back to 'settings' click 'options'  then 'mobile network '  and 'conection preferered change to 'wi-fi' only . and that should be you connected then go back to background and click on browse and enter url you want to go to .

 when you leave the place where your wi-fi is connected to it will loose connection because yo are leaving the wi-fi network area so to change back to original network e.g vodafone or orange what ever you are with got to 'settings' then 'options' then 'mobile network' and choose 'mobile network only ' hope this works for you :smileyhappy:

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Re: How to connect and use WiFi??

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Hi :smileyhappy: I really need my wifi to work so I really need your help, I would appreciate it if you email this answer as I only set this account up to talk to you!!


Every time I go to connect to wifi it ask me to enter this PIN it is giving to me into the router, I want to connect at Starbucks where it is free and unsecured so don't understand why it wont connect! Really need help!


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Re: How to connect and use WiFi??

Go to setup and then set up wifi then follow these steps,
1 - press next
2- press push button setup
3 - press next
4 - press the wifi button on your router and wait till you connect your wifi at home.
Hope it helps.
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Re: How to connect and use WiFi??

What do i do when my router pops up but a message comes up saying this wireless router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup. To connect using a pin (which your BlackBerry willgenerate), click next. And it gives me a pin to punch in the router
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Re: How to connect and use WiFi??

download manual.


Page 212.


It's not totally clear, so follow slowly slowly slowly:


Turn on wireless coverage notification1. On the Home screen, click the Options icon.2. Click Screen/Keyboard.3. Set the LED Coverage Indicator field to On.4. Press the Menu key.5. Click Save.When your BlackBerry® device is connected to the wireless network, the LED light flashes green.To turn off wireless coverage notification again, set the LED Coverage Indicator field to Off.

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Re: How to connect and use WiFi??



if you  want to use the wifi  to connect to the internet. you need to configure your browser to set its connection to hotspot. Need to switch your default connection from Data Network to Hotspot ( From Browser > Menu > Option > Browser Configuration > then Switch the Default Connection to hotspot, reboot the phone then try to connect to the browser


to make sure your connection is with the wifi you can do some test try to unchecked the mobile network and try to connect to the internet, hmm by the way some application needs data plan to use the service; you need to have one to used them hope it helps 



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Re: How to connect and use WiFi??

i cant coonect to my wifi...my bb says its connected but every time i try to use the internet it doenst work...plz help connecting to wifi with my bb is so confusin or im a total noob

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Re: How to connect and use WiFi??

freak it d same problm tat ws trblin me fw mins ago. Aftr u scan 4 netwrk.u selct d wifi u wnt 2 cnnct. Thn HIT CANCELwhn it says cnnct usin pin whc bb wil generate. .n voila it cnnects 2 d free wifi netwrk. :-)