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Re: no BIS over wifi

Exact same issue... since more than last one month! I tried to contact everybody from my BlackBerry dealer, ISP and Mobile network provider but of no use...


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Re: no BIS over wifi not solved

Were you able to resolve this? I have the same problem but I am currently roaming, this happened to me when I updated my OS. I can get my browser to work but not any BIS related application.


My guess on resolving this is downloading the service books again, this can be done through www.tigo.co.blackberry.com/

I cant get my service books due to the fact that I am not connected to the TIGO mobile network.


Give this a try and let me know if it resolves your WIFI connectivity issues.


If anybody has any other ideas please let me know.


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Re: no BIS over wifi not solved

BlackBerry 9780 3G, WIFI

OS: v6.0.0.285

WLAN Version:

Carrier: Iusacell (Mexico)

BIS Plan: Full BIS

Problem: BIS over WiFi not working


Hi, im having toruble connecting to BIS over WIFI on my BB 9780, everytime i connect to a hotspot the wifi diagnostics tool says not connected to BB Insfraestructure (I have tried in public and private networks, in Mexico and public hotspots on the US).


My carrier offers both GSM and CDMA phones, before i had a Storm 9550 and the wifi worked like a charm; My wife´s 8530 connected in every hotspot i tried in the US, and in our home her phone´s wifi gray logo takes like 20 seconds to turn white (Indicating BIS on WIFI).


Thanks in advance

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Re: no BIS over wifi

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Re: no BIS over wifi

I yet to see a resolution from last years issue, let alone get a good solid answer for this years issue.


For all those high star generals (veterans or whatever they call you guys). Please don't give us the 'Call your carrier', 'It's a local issue', 'It must be your provider' because we all know that is not true. I've been reading postings from people in Spain, Greece, Italy, Holland, UK, Canada and the United States all with different carriers, all with data plans and all with the SAME issue that started YESTERDAY (7-June-2011). Go to page 1 of this forum and read the date, it's from 2010, why is this happening every year at the same time?


RIM support ticket - Submitted (same as last year) and waiting on response. Never got a response last year...

Call Carrier (Vodafone Spain) - Done, passed the ball to RIM and wasted about 45 minutes of my life.


Any useful information would be really appreciated!

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Re: no BIS over wifi

Hallelujah! It seems that my BIS over WIFI is working again. Boy I hope this was just a hickup from RIM, because last year it was down for a good solid two months for me in Spain.


Anyone else seeing their's back up and running?

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Re: no BIS over wifi

[ Edited ]

Just spoken to o2, very unhelpful - as you'd expect. 


He suggested ringing in and reporting it but I can't really be bothered (on hold for ages, etc) - has anyone rang in and heard anything? 

 Welcome to O2. Someone will be with you soon.

You're through to Terry.

Terry: Hi I'm Terry. How can I help?

Me: Hi there, I have a Blackberry on o2 Pay Monthly.

Terry: Okau.

Terry: *okay.

Me: I can connect to Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) fine using GPRS, but I cannot connect via. WiFi.

Me: This problem developed over 24 hours ago.

Me: Many more users report the same issue.

Terry: what is the error message you're getting?

Me: There isn't one, beyond "Connection Error", even with diagnostics set to "advanced"

Me: Lots of people online are having the same problem, across all UK networks.

Me: I know it's a problem with BIS and RIM, and not o2.

Terry: Okay.

Terry: Let me check that for you.

Me: But RIM do not let you get in touch with them, nor do they provide any "service status"

Me: I was wondering if o2 had heard anything official on when it would be repaired.

Terry: Please can you tell me the second and third character of the answer to your security question?

Me: Or if anyone is even aware of the issue. I can link threads online with over 45 instances of people having the same problem

Me: Second: *

Me: Third: *

Terry: Perfect.

Terry: Thanks for the information. Please give me a few minutes while I check this for you.

Me: Thank you

Terry: Thanks for waiting. I can see that your services are active and you should be able to use the internet through Wi-Fi

Terry: Lets go with the basic steps and get that resolved.

Terry: Wipe your sim with a dry cloth and then use it again.

Me: I've done that, right up to resent service books and re-registered host routing tables etc.

Me: Tried different wifi hotspots, everything.

Me: Trust me, it's not my end.

Me: Look at this, on the official Blackberry support forum: http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/BlackBerry-Device-Software/no-BIS-over-wifi/td-p/521103

Me: Over 45 people have reported the same thing

Terry: Okay, since you have tried everything and still it is not working. The last thing you can do is call our Data Support team on 202 free from your O2 phone and let them know about this.

Me: But there are no known outages that you're aware of?

Me: Are you aware of other people calling in?

Terry: That is what I'm saying that we have not got any such information from our Support team about this.

Terry: So that they can check and resolve it quickly.

Me: Right OK, I'll give them a ring.

Me: Thanks for your time, Terry.

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Re: no BIS over wifi

I'd call, but I'm abroad at the moment.  Can anyone else call O2 and report it?

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Re: no BIS over wifi

Same thing is happening to me and i've tried everything im on O2 also.... i remember last night the whole BIS stopped even through the mobile network... no1 could get bbm messages for about 2 hours.
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Re: no BIS over wifi

That's a disappointing chat log - yesterday I chatted with someone from O2 and they were much more helpful, said they'd been dealing with similar problems all day and confirmed it was a known problem.