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8120 Pearl WIFI Problem

We just received our BlackBerry 8120s from Cincinnati Bell. We choose them over Verizon on price and their CB Home Run service (Free minutes on WIFI). The problem I'm haivng is staying connected to the WIFI UMA signal. This is a big issue here since the tipping point was the VOIP on WIFI feature. The phone says it connected to WIFI but looses the UMA symbol and goes to Edge. Talked to CB and they told me to talk to Lynksys (WRT54GS) who now point me to Blackberry to see if ports need to be open on our firewall. My question is has anyone have problem like this? Any Problems with Linksys Routers. I'm trying a temporary solution by hooking up a second Lynksys (WRT54GS) outside our network straight to RoadRunner (ISP) this one set to Channel 6 and Open Security. The other one (orginal) is being used as an Wireless Access Point to our network with WPA2 security going thought a Sonicwall Firewall to the internet. I have both SSIDs broadcasted. I'm going to the Open security for a day and then turn on WPA2 to see if that changes anything. 

Is there anything I should be looking for?


P.S. Our Wireless Laptops have no problem staying connect to the wireless network. We have 6 8120s 


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Re: 8120 Pearl WIFI Problem

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have you opended ports 4500 and 500 on your router?



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Re: 8120 Pearl WIFI Problem

I can't speak to the voip issue, but a wrt54g router works fine with a 8120.  using it open, or with MAC address filtering.  A wrt100 (linksys) actually crashes the BB when a browser connects.  Seriously -- the device reboots completely on its own when it attempts to establish a connection.  Bad mojo there.   And the same MAC filtering on a WAP11 (yet another linksys) fails.


That's all the linksys info I've noted with a pearl 8120.  Good luck. 

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Re: 8120 Pearl WIFI Problem

Its not my intention to resurrect dead threads but I just had this very same issue with my 8120 and Rogers in Canada. I thought I would share my solution as I came upon this thread while looking for a solution.


UMA is a service that functions like voip. Therefore it requires three things: (1) a client - in this case your phone (2) connectivity - in the form of wifi internet access and (3) a server - it is not automatic, your phone number has to have the UMA service added to your account with the cellular provider in order for you to connect to their server. And if their server has an issue you will fail to connect through UMA.


So if your phone is functioning and can browse the internet through wifi then you have satisfied 2 of the 3 requirements.

To test this I used the "Manage Connections" icon to turn off my mobile network. Then I verified that I could browse the internet through wifi and send and receive email but I could not make calls. In my case that just left the phone company.


SO I called Rogers and bitched them out that my UMA stopped working and had them monkey around with the account settings until UMA came back on. Problem fixed.


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