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Problems with Pearl 8130

Lately I've been having some issues with my Pearl 8130.  I have been able to temporarily correct these problems by removing my battery and resetting the phone, but the problems have gotten steadily worse so that I have to reset it ten times a day.


Sometimes when someone calls me it won't ring (yes, I've checked and my ringer is on); it will show me a missed call, but when I check my call log nothing is there.  Yes, someone is really calling, I did confirm that with the caller.


Sometimes when someone sends me a message in BB Messenger, it will show on my main screen the icon showing I have a new message, but when I open BB Messenger there is no message there.  If I click on my Message Icon, it shows there that I have a new BB message, but when I click on it, it takes me back to BB Messenger and there is no message there.  If I reset my phone by removing the battery, the BB message is there then.


I'm getting frustrated with having to take the battery out so many times a day.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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Re: Problems with Pearl 8130

You can upgrade to the latest software available, here is the link to do it.


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Re: Problems with Pearl 8130

Welcome to the wonderful world of "problems" with the Blackberry 8130 phone!  Does the list of problems "ever" end ?  Here's my story:


Text messages - POP up - and POOF before you can open them - they are GONE - and GONE FOREVER!  So if you are waiting for that 'special' text from the 'special someone' - guess what?  If the phone happens to be having 'one of those moments' ... you'll never know !!!

Same thing with the 'view missed calls' - sometimes it shows you - somtimes it dont!  Why ?  Who knows!


BB Messenger ... PING you have a message!  One minute it's there - next minute (even before reading sometimes) - it's GONE!!!!


I've been told to reset the phone by removing the battery - and while that would 'work' sometimes for 2 - 3 days at a time - suddenly it would be like you said - resetting the phone 10 times a day!  Is that feasible ?  I DONT THINK SO !!!


All this happened BEFORE I bought a 'media card' - the phone only holds like 15 pics I think max ?  So they told me that when I bought a media card - all my problems would be solved!


MAGIC ?  Hardly SO!  Same thing happening!  Even though all the pics are over on the media card and now it says I can use '200 plus pics' on that card ... the same thing continues to happen!  Solution?  They said now it's a 'software' issue !  And sent me a brand spanking new BB Pearl phone!  WHOOPIE!


Guess what ?  YES YOU GOT IT - the problems CONTINUE TO HAPPEN!  Disappearing texts, disappearing BB messages, disappearing call logs !  Now the media card isn't even functioning right!  Can't even transfer pics to it anymore - says, "Scanning" - and after resetting the battery - STILL PROBLEMATIC!


If I hadn't spent so much time getting 'used' to the phone and enjoying the internet use on it, not to mention it's just so darn CUTE of a phone ...  etc. - I'd have chucked it out the window LONG LONG ago !


I really dont think there are solutions to any of the above problems - other than we are BATTERY RESETTERS for life ! 

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Re: Problems with Pearl 8130

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YES!!  Memory Leak!! It's not just you.


I got sucked into getting a fun-sized Blackberry Pearl.  I love the interface, the trackball, the intelligent auto-text, the camera, the media player, everything.  It's a perfect phone.  Almost.




It happens to all Pearls with all carriers (VERIZON, SPRINT, T-MOBILE...)


It happens regardless of how much free memory you keep available.  I babysit my phone hourly, and it still happens.


It happens even though I have a 2-GIG memory card.


It happens if you let it sit on the counter and collect dust.


It happened to the refurbished unit they sent me to 'fix' it.


It doesn't warn you it's erasing itself.  You have to find out the hard way.


When it happens, it also continues to erase all incomming messages and missed call reports, even after it makes more room by doing that auto-brain-flush. 


The only way to begin receiving messages again, is to remove the battery for a minute, and re-boot it.


Sprint tells you that it's an intentional design feature by RIM to make room. The 4 Sprint tech support people that I talked to, read from the same script.  They keep a sheet of tatterd and worn paper outlining the excuse that SPRINT brainwashed them into reading and believing.


Verizon offers to give you a newer model, but newer models do it too.  They might do it less because they have more internal memory, but since there is no set memory level for the crash to happen, I wouldn't trust a Curve, either.


RIM has people that post messages on boards like these, attempting to minimize this problem.  They pose as fake Blackberry owners, try to make you feel stupid, and blame it on the end-user.  It is not your fault.  There is nothing you can do. 


My phone number is[removed personal information]

My name is Nathan.


Call me, if you want.  I'll tell you all about it. 

I kick myself for recommending this phone to my friends.  I have 3 fellow Blackberry-owning friends, and they all hate me.


I am hooked on the mini-QWERTY.  It's going to be hard to go back to my LG slider.  I'm digging it out of my junk drawer tonight, and getting it reactivated.


Are you STILL thinking about getting a Blackberry?  Do it, I dare you to not have these problems. 


P.S.  No, the fancy new 4.5 software does not fix this, it causes more problems.  I tried it.  Now my 'smartphone' is merely an expensive day-planner.  Wait... no, it isn't even that.  My calendar doesn't save any dates.  The microphone and handset speaker doesn't work, so I can't call anybody.  Telenav doesn't give audible prompts, it just shows you where you are, and can't tell you where to go.  I wish I could tell somebody at RIM where to go.  Of course, it would be hard to mozy in that direction with their heads shoved so far up their assas.

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Re: Problems with Pearl 8130

Oh my! Any updates on this problem??? Someone, anyone????

I am having the same problems:

  • My phone does not ring when I get calls and everyone falls directly into my voicemail.
  • I call and the phone says connecting but no sound at all.
  • I get my txt messages 2 days later
  • Sometimes it shuts off by itself
  • My call log gets erased and i have no idea who called unless I the person left me a voicemail.

My warranty has expired but I did change my phone twice already... it's an expensive phone and I still have 2 more years on my phone contract and find it ridiculous to have to buy a new cell phone after spendin 450 on this one!!! Any call backs on it??? It would be useful at this point!!

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Re: Problems with Pearl 8130

That sounds a little different from the problem on my Pearl.  Messages weren't a couple days delayed.  My message notifications were on-time, but there were no messages to read.



I have a routine that isn't too inconvenient to clean the memory, and it doesn't involve the 5-minute battery removal and power-up that others suggest.

1)     If I use the internet browser, I always go into the 'Options', and 'Cache Options' menu, then clear all content.  When I exit this menu, the Pearl does an automatic memory-cleaning.

2)     In my Messages folder, I have all messages older than 2 months auto-delete.

4)     If I do get a message that I must keep, choose the menu option 'Save' when viewing that message.  When the phone takes a dump, the 'saved' messages will remain.

3)     The 3rd party applications that I have installed include 'TelNav', 'GoogleMaps', 'Pandora', and 'BlackberryAppWorld'.


How much memory do I have? 14730145 Bytes.  (which sounds like a lot, except a byte is 4 bits, so there's 3682536.25 bits, which is more commonly known as 3682.53625 KB, even more commonly known as 3.68253625 MB (megabytes), which fits on 3 3-and-a-quarter-inch floppy disks (which should fit on a CD 188 times (leaving a little room for the FAT)).  I tried to add the MySpace app, but it yelled at me for not having enough free space.


If the Storm2 gets a trackball, I'm switching to Verizon when my contract expires in January.


P.S.  If there are any 'v's' missing in my reply, it's because my keyboard got a little pop on it, and the v doesn't work all the time.  I had to go back and add 3 just now.  Blame the Dane, or the Husky/Malamute,  or the Dane/American Bulldog.  I can't leae them alone for a second.


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