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Re: Does anyone else feel ripped off?

I don't think anyone can change someone's mind on this.  For me -I am simply assuming that the Playbook experience will ameliorate over time (sooner would be better than later). 


I've had mine since the 19th and I realize that there is a fair distance to go for it live up to my long-term expectations. However, I also realize that since the 19th - that there has been a long weekend interjected into this time period. So I am expecting that there was a bit of a bottle neck for getting things done over the weekend.



l personally find the whole experience (the good and the bad quite interesting). Sometimes I feel like I'm eating pizza while watching open heart surgery - It's interesting, and its kind of gory at times, but it's not making me lose my appetite.


So for me - I find watching the process, the updates, the resolution of the problems interesting - the whole thing is of interest - the good and the bad. But it depends on what you want - some people buy cars to work on them, some simply buy a kick **bleep** car and drive the heck out it. I think that this will be like buying a kit-car (a Porsche kit-car) - it doesn't quite work out of the box, but you know it's gonna be great when it all comes together.


The question you need to answer for yourself is: "Am I enjoying this?".  If you hate the whole experience - then you have your answer. If you find the process of interest then stick around and watch the Playbook evolve in front of your eyes.



I think it will be very interesting.



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Re: Does anyone else feel ripped off?

Thanks for the thoughtful response ctfish. I guess I am getting so bothered because such basic things were left out or don't work. Yes, the question to ask myself is am I enjoying the experience,  and I'm perched right up on the fence right now because there are a lot of things I like as well.   

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Re: Does anyone else feel ripped off?

I actually had my Playbook packaged up for at return on the 19th. I decided that because I waited to get the Playbook over the iPad I would give it another chance. I had a lot of setup problems and issues with Tech Support.

 It was my wife that looked me in the eye and asked did you really think it would be perfect? I then remembered that  Windows 7 loaded 24 updates on the 19th. 


The more I use the Playbook the more I like it. Yes, the lack of GOOD Apps was/is a disappointment. I just checked and there are several new Apps posted tonight.


I confess I am also loyal to Blackberry and a believer that they will make this the best adult/business tablet. I spoke with a Blackberry rep on Saturday and he said a number of the ”missing pieces” will showup very soon, some as early as this week.


I will be keeping the Playbook and if I can help in any way to make it better, I will. Repeated complaints by some about  missing apps and functionality will not make it change any sooner. If we accept things will get much better and drive our attention toward moving forward we will all win. If the challenges of working with a new device exceed your desire to be on the ”bleeding edge” then the Playbook might be a better option it six months, for me ”lets get at it and have some fun” (frustration if you want)!

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Re: Does anyone else feel ripped off?

I feel the same way.  The bridge doesn't work for ATT users, you can't download videos, there is no Skype app, actually there are no decent apps to download.  What purpose does this thing serve?  I certainly can't find one and am also thinking of returning mine and succumbing to buying an Ipad.  I waited 6 months for Blackberry to release this and am so dissapointed and disgusted with what is missing.  No wonder their stock is tanking- they can't hold a candle to Apple.  They deserve it!!

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Re: Does anyone else feel ripped off?

Wow, I must be the only guy that returned his...or hers.  I suppose they wouldn't be on the board if they returned it though, huh?


Well, I did return it.  It was a pretty big disappointment after waiting with tremendous excitement for 9 months.


Here's my list of reasons in order:

a) In order to reconnect tethering because I left my Playbook or phone behind, I needed to not only initiate a reconnection, acknowledge on the Blackberry, then type in my corporate password on the Playbook.  Yeah, that's not how it would work on TV.


b) Too many dropped connections when devices in the same room.


c) Unable to control amount of time to retain email and calendar data after lost connection thru policy changes without having the corporate server capabilities. 


d) Unable to make annotations on email attachment and save files from email onto a folder in the device.  Wanted to store attachments of meetings for the day in appropriate place and make annotations. 


e) No second level folders to organize projects.


f) No MS OneNote like application.


g) A positive - I totally loved the keyboard and the almost tactile feedback created by the sound.


h) OK another - Websites were pretty awesome.


i) And WordToGo, and SheetToGo were really good.


j) back to our program - NO APPS.  Seriously, on the one hand, yes, reviewers said no apps, but then RIM said a thousand apps and I just figured the reviewers were a bit spoiled by apple.  Not that I need many apps, but a good task manager and note taker are pretty darn critical. 


k) No citirx app.


l) I may not have this right, but I couldn't figure out how to add a CERT to connect to a VPN.  Not sure if I could have made that work.


 I bought it to basically replace my work computer which is used to read email, read attachments, and organize my notes on a couple dozen projects.  I'm never in my office and always moving from conference room to conference room.


In the end, my daughter enjoyed it the most by making some fun movies with her sister.


Now, I'm waiting 6 months for that next generation Win 7 tablet.  I know, I know, just setting myself up for more disappointment.




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Re: Does anyone else feel ripped off?

[ Edited ]

For anybody to answer this, I think they need to establish why they bought a PB in the first place.  Personally, I bought mine purely for work purposes, so I could go into meetings without necessarily lugging my laptop in with me, and for the odd time when I'm at home and want to check & reply to emails without struggling with my BB keyboard.  Depending on how it works out, I may start to use it more for leisure purposes as well, but for the time being it's purely a business tool.


So I won't be returning it, and here's why


I like


Good performance

Form factor (for work)

Tethering for work email

Battery life (when used the way I do, ie workday usage)

Stable o/s

Industry standard connectors


I don't like


Lack of general Apps on launch

Lack of certain critical business functionality (VPN / SSH / RDP)

Some pretty weird design decisions (no camera flash, charging when off, awful volume / power buttons)

Lack of response from RIM as to dev logs / issues and status of those

Lack of accessories on launch (has anyone tried to find the magnetic charger ? does it even exist !! :smileyhappy: )

Software bugs (backup not working, workaround needed for some BB bridge users)


So, aside from some of the design "flaws" (and I recognise these are purely subjective), nearly all of my negatives are things that can be fixed over time, and I would assume will be.  At that point, whilst it would have been nice for these to have been addressed pre-release, I accept that this is a new device, running a new o/s and will have its quirks that users may have to accept, whether they like it or not.


To keep my comments in perspective, I will (at some point) also be buying a 10" android tablet for personal use, as I don't think the PB meets the requirements of the home user nearly as well as it does the business user.


For example

lack of email support (aside from the bridge & web based ones)

screen size (7" isn't big enough IMO for leisure usage)

lack of launch day apps (even Apple had this well covered when the iPad came out)

restricted o/s & device choice (I have my choice of android tablets, vs one PB tied to a QNX o/s that I can't modify)


I should say on the last comment, that I tend to cook my own ROM's for mobiles & always modify the o/s of whatever devices I use to increase functionality of them.  Whilst I'm not looking to do that with the PB, the fact that I can't is kind of a weird negative in my book :smileyhappy:

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Re: Does anyone else feel ripped off?

Not ripped off. This is a realy solid platform that is going to be around for a while. I thought about waiting for the software to address the true hardware potential, but I do not have that kind of will power. I had to get my hands on this one. I've been waiting a long time. This hardware is top notch.


So lets "APP-IT-UP"


just a matter of time

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Re: Does anyone else feel ripped off?

If Rim would increase the 14 day return policy, they might avoid an avelanche of returns next week. We need more time to decide if they are serious about fixing the problems. How about 30 days - or even 90?

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Re: Does anyone else feel ripped off?

i'm still wondering if worth keeping though i more inclined to keeping it. my anger and frustration is the silence on both att and rim not letting us customers know whats going on and what to expect in the following days or weeks about updates, features working fixes, etc. it is very frustrating. my deadline to return the playbook is next monday may 2, remember 14 days return policy on bestbuy, so that is the dilema, retur day coming soon and no sign of life telling us anything both rim nor att. thanks guys, very nice treatment to your custommers.
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Re: Does anyone else feel ripped off?

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I already returened mine today...I will get another but not until some OS features are added


1. Silverlight comaptible (for Netflix)


2. To be able to use Skype which was actaully demo by RIM but it's not part of the retail pacakge. My guess is RIM no longer wants to give free phone servives away! bad call on RIMs part! but uinderstandible which is why if skype is not available for the PB I wll not purchase another one. I can live without netflix but Skype is required!



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