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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

I was real excited when news came out about the Q10.  After 5 years with the BB Curve, I have long been in need of an upgrade, and thought the Q10 would be the ideal smartphone for me.  It just arrived today and I've only had it a few hours, but ran into a serious problem:  There does not appear to be any way to maintain and use group lists for texting!


I jumped online to see if maybe I was missing something and came across this forum.  Now I'm even more depressed, as I see so many more issues from which I will suffer.  If RIM is listening, please work on an OS update and fix as much of this as possible.

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

Just wanted to add that I, too, am really let down by:


-- The fall of the simple Notepad


-- The deficiencies with Word Substitution (they're no longer searchable, don't activate at the end of a sentence, and  work inconsistently)


-- The poor contacts search (when I try to scroll through, I accidentally call the top listings) and necessity to manually clear each search


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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900



As the original creator of this post, I figured I'd throw in an update that I think is somewhat telling.


I'm fortunate enough to work in the IT department of my organization so I can switch back and forth between devices easily.  When I made the original post, I hadn't considered those of you that purchased the phone on contract and now feel stuck.  But it's in that vein that I have an interesting observation to make.


At my organization, our IT director has decreed that there will be no further Blackberries purchased or activated by the company without exception*.  


The only exception has been for our CEO and CFO who explicitly requested the Q10.  This is important because these are the kind of guys that can literally send a single email and have any device on their desk the following day.  


At any rate, I setup the Q10 for these executives several weeks ago.  They both appeared to have requested it based on advertising alone as they were shocked to discover that the device was primarily touch screen.  In both cases, their first question was "where is the touchpad?"  I proceeded to do my best to train them on how to use the device.  I tried my best to be unbiased.  


I was convinced that I would be hearing from both of them within days asking to go back to their old devices.  But...  It hasn't happened yet.  From what I understand, they are struggling with the Q10 somewhat still but show no signs of giving up on it.  I find this enlightening as I learned while working with these guys that they never used a lot of the capabilities of even the previous device.  They had never heard of Appworld.  They never used the web browser.  One of them didn't even know you could play music on the device.


And yet, they are still walking into boardrooms of other large companies brandishing their shiny new Q10.  If we make the wild assumption that similar events are happening with executives around the world, then perhaps Blackberry feels less concerned about addressing what most of us here identify as critical issues.  


They are still making money and when they interview the global decision makers, they don't have anything terribly bad to say about the device.


I don't know what, if anything this means.  But it surprises me and so I figured I'd share.  I’d also like to second a comment someone made earlier. By forcing the touch screen, the Blackberry traditionalists (like my CEO above) are going to acclimatize themselves to that paradigm.  And once they do, when the iPhone 6 launches with some new wizbang feature, it’ll be that much easier for them to send an email requesting one. 


As for me, I’m back on my 9900 and I couldn’t be happier.


- Robbie 

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

That might be more of a rich-person thing than a corp Executive. If your CEO and CFO loved iPhones, they'd buy the latest iphone, use it as a dumb-phone and still be happy.


It's like when an ultra rich person shows up with diamond crusted phone and says, "oh! this phone does x, y and z. And it shared pictures instantly too!"


"Really? Nice! Can you share this evening's pictures with me?"


"Sure, just ask my secretary for them, she'll send them over"

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

I want to hit the delete key to end a call just as I hit "Return" to dial numbers dialed on my keyboard. In the Hub I want to hit altb for browser, alt c for calendar and 10 more alt-key combinations using physical keys because I bought this inefficient, infuriating device because it had 35 physical buttons. LET ME USE THEM. In the opening screen.
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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

Greetings from sunny South Africa :-)


Wow!  A VERY interesting discussion... and one that confirms actions planned in next 24hrs or so are correct.  Let me explain. My first 'smart' portable device was a HP95LX - Anyone remember what it was?  Yes, a pocket PC running DOS including a FULL QWERTY keyboard!  Ok so limitations included 1Mb of memory (for the younger generation this is M not G!) but nevertheless a VERY productive tool helping me in all manner of activities (hobby, family or working for myself as a consultant).  Moving forward to my first BB (Bold 9700) and again a very powerful TOOL. I have been frustrated on several (many?) occasions with lock-up's and need to re-boot but then again I am running OS 6, several valuable apps (ZERO games) all in a 256Mb system.  The BB has taken some tumbles including 'flying' when removing case+phone from shirt pocket which by mistake was 'upside down' and literally landed several meters away after bouncing off the floor in a busy hotel! I nonchalantly recovered the phone and continued to use... And today now that the long awaited Q10 has launched (and expecting Q5 as SA is classified as a developing country) I consider my options and guess what?  Earlier today I concluded arrangements to buy a pre-owned BB9900!!!  My wife (of 42+yrs - Am including that bit of meta data so as to confirm I am not of the 'younger generation) will inherit the 9700 as is her preferred device (has Android tablet + another Samsung thingy phone) for checking social media and the weather.  I will try and have keyboard refurbished as is very worn (enough illumination now shines through that can use as a torch if required!) but not much can do with all the other nicks and cuts but screen is 100%

And the key 'take-away' I have from this valuable forum posting (Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900)?  If it is not brocken then no need to fix - but maybe enhance is ok i.e. more memory and faster processor for the OS family.

Thanks to everyone for consolidating and validating my thinking about my next BB. Till the next time remember to KEEP SMILING!

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900



I completely agree with your post, and only wish I had read it earlier...


I have had a Blackberry since 2006, and as a small business owner have found it to be an invaluable tool for productivity. I was recently due an upgrage from my previous (and best yet) Blackberry Bold 9780 and was keen to get a 9900....unfortunately for me the salesman talked me into a Q10.


I've had the Q10 for a week now, so I am now used to the touch screen control and layout, which is ok, but nothing like as good as my previous bolds without touch screen. The focus of all previous Blackberrys was always on emails, being able to see easily if new mails had arrived (and how many) and being able to easily scan through email to mark them or delete them; this is simply not the case with the Q10.


My first serious problem with the Q10 was in setting up the email accounts. For effective spam filtering over the past 7 years I used to forward my emails to a gmail account, which then forwarded emails to my BIS email account. BIS service is not provided with Q10 from what I understand. No matter, I set up an intermediate email account to get round this. The next problem is that the Q10 does not have a "reply-to" setting....again, no matter. I set up an smtp service with AuthSMTP.com (with a monthly cost to me) which allows me to change the "reply-to". Then (!) I find that there is no way to set a Bcc for all (which I need to keep all my sent items on the office computer) so I then pay for a further addition from AuthSMTP to send a "ghost copy" of all sent items to another mail box. So I got round these issues, but at extra cost and lots of time wasted!


Next was the syncing. I syncronised all my Bold 9780 contacts (a total of 2678 contacts!) with Blackberry desktop. However Blackberry desktop is not compatible with Blackberry link / Q10, and so cannot be transferred in this way. I look up the instructions to sync the data using Blackberry link. This appears to work, but then only about half of my contacts are copied across. I sent a message to RIM, and they reply that this is not uncommon, and to "manual copy across any missing contct information". What, over a thousand contacts (with email, mobile, landline etc) missing?? Ridiculous.


Never one to give up easily, i instead sync'd my Bold 9780 with Outlook, and then attempted to sync the Q10 with Outlook using Blackberry Link. This looked like it was going to work...but then failed on uploading. I restared my PC and Q10 and tried again, no difference. I contacted RIM again and was told that it was due to a corrupt entry in the database and I shoud go through it manually (2678 contacts) to find the error...despite the fact that it syncs fine with my Samsung phablet...


Next problem - Twitter. Ok, not a deal breaker, I bought the Q10 for serious work, however as a part of company SEO I am being encouraged to use Twitter as much as possible for industry news (@rivierayachting in case anyone is interested!!) The Titter App does not work at all. I've checked lots of forums and it is a known issue not to work...


I'm not getting the feeling that the Q10 is not a properly finished product and that I am a test case to get it properly developed and tested!


There are lots of other issues to mention, but my final big one is the Battery. When my Bold 9780 was brand new I would get a good week of emailing out of it. The Q10 is absolutely terrible!! I can't even get a day of work out of it before the battery is drained.


In short, this is an (expensive) toy, not a work tool like the bold. And if you want a toy then you are probably better off going for a Samsung or an iPhone.


The only one good thing is the keyboard. This is REALLYexcellent, far better than previous blackberry keyboards, which were already excellent. All this typed from a phone, and with ease and speed (excuse any typos). The browser is good too.


Sorry to say that I'm buying a new battery for my Bold 9780 and the Q10 is now being listed on Ebay.

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

Very true, apart from this website, I have no idea where to go in order to have some support.. I tried Twitter.. Samsung are excellent, on Twitter..I am paying the cost of being a keyboard lover..that sucks, I am limited by the hardware that keeps saying "keep moving" I used to be able to sync my contacts with my Gmail so easily, seamless sync.. now it is random, I have a lot of frustration too!

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

i agree 100%   i have a Bold and will be going back to it as well after trying to make the Q10 work for me   Sooooo disappointed!

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Re: Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900

I'm very challenged in using the new contact format. It runs like iOS and it doesn't select contacts based on the format option selected such as sort by first name.
Composing an email is crazy, the predictive filling in of previous email addresses is ridiculous, and you can't delete previously used emails like you can in Outlook.
One touch dialing is now a 3 touch process that requires me to look at my device.
I'm using 2 devices simultaneously and I agree with all of your comments.
I'm sticking with my 9900!