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Option for clicking during texting

Is it just me or should Blackberry make it an option as to whether you want to actually click each letter when sending a message (which takes significantly longer), or if simply touching the screen should type that letter.  Maybe clicking will capitalize it? or bring up an option list for that letter with other variations? but at least make it an option for the people that think touching the screen is more efficient than clicking down for each letter.
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Re: Option for clicking during texting

there was another member who started a post like this.

rim wont make this change since the "click" is the selling point of the phone.

but, it would be nice for the owners of the device to choose, though i love the click feature!

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Re: Option for clicking during texting

I agree with Jeff that having the option would be nice but I would think that it would lead to more incorrect letters being accidentally used.
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Re: Option for clicking during texting

I definitely agree. I just wrote an email to bbsuggestions@rim.com that stated the following:


I really like the full keyboard in portrait mode that you've implemented in


Touch and Click versus just Touch (make it an option, not a requirement)

I just wish I had the option of turning off the need to click the screen in so that I could type faster because the click mechanism on the storm screen isn't ideal for every application of the phone. I think it comes in handy when I'm on a website for reducing accidental navigation to some unwanted link etc, but on the keyboard, I think I want to just be able to touch it and go. I bet correcting my own mistakes would make me a faster typer than slowing down to use the click thing.


Orientation Issues due to Accelerometer always adjusting portrait/landscape mode (make it an option, not a requirement)

It's also kind of annoying that the screen rotates while I'm typing while laying on the couch (the accelerometer is cool, but not smart enough to know that the screen is still oriented at my face when I'm not standing upright), so it would be nice to be able to lock certain screens in my preferred orientation (portrait or landscape) for typing/viewing. I was thinking maybe a single click on the lock button could toggle between keeping my orientation as-is or allowing it to switch back and forth, and then a double click could lock the phone, or something like that. I think the iPhone completely disallows you from typing in landscape mode (maybe just for SMS/chat)... so maybe there are better implementations, like just allowing users to decide which orientation to use by default (sort of like how it asks if you want to use the condensed keyboard or the full keyboard in portrait mode) ... I am not sure of the best way to do it but the feature would be great in my opinion.


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Re: Option for clicking during texting

for the touchscreen, I'm pretty sure it's a question of habit. Give a Storm to a long-time iPhone user, they will vomit.
Give an iPhone to long-time Storm user, he may vomit and feel that there's just one dimension missing. Of he may think "that's what I have been longing for".

I think you'll get use to it, give it time.

about the orientation, if you use landscape, and turn your device upside down hen you are lying in your bed (keys pointing to the roof), then the orientation will not change :smileywink:

it's good for most applications, except the Media Browser in video mode, since it only has one landscape mode. It means you have to lie on your left side.

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