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February 19th Questions and Answers-Chapter 6

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February 19, 2009-Questions

Q1.  When you make a change to the default IT Policy, are all changes applied after you save the IT Policy or on a scheduled push from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server? Also, do clients ever check in with the BlackBerry Enterprise server for anything or are all policy settings done on a push basis?
A1.  If changes made to the IT Policy are not manually re-sent to all the BlackBerry users, the BlackBerry Policy Service will send out the updated IT Policy to all BlackBerry users every 15 minutes.

Q2.  Why would you use WLAN and VPN?
A2.  A virtual private network (VPN) profile contains the information required by a user account to log in to a VPN. Associating a VPN profile to a wireless local area network (WLAN) profile allows the user account to automatically make a VPN connection.

Q3.  If you enable S/MIME processing does the device require each message that is received to be encrypted?
A3.  A user has the option to enable or disable S/MIME when sending messages. The user will still be able to receive plain text (non encrypted) messages.

Q4.  We had Blackberry Messenger auditing turned on at one point, but the e-mail notifications would come in randomly.  Is there a configurable set time that the audits can come through?
A4.  With the BlackBerry Messenger Audit Report Interval enabled in the BlackBerry Messenger Policy group, it is only configurable to send out notifications in hours and not at specific times.

Q5.  Can users read details of their current IT policy on their Smartphone?
A5.  Users can only see the name of the IT Policy that is currently applied to the BlackBerry Smartphone as well as the last time it was updated.

Q6.  Is Exchange 2007 unsupported with S/MIME?
A6.  Please refer to the following for the system requirements:


Q7.  Is there a list of content types that can be used when restricting media content?
A7.  You can use standard definitions for MIME media types to restrict the media types that the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service can send to the BlackBerry Browser and other applications on users' BlackBerry devices. 

Please refer to the BlackBerry Administration Guide for Exchange 4.1.6 for further information:



You can also refer to the BlackBerry Manager for a description of Media Content Type.

Q8.  What BlackBerry Smartphones do WLAN IT policies affect?  It is my understanding that only newer BlackBerry Smartphones have Wi-Fi capabilities.
A8.  Please refer to the following for the supported BlackBerry Smartphones that are Wi-Fi capable:


Q9.  Can any BlackBerry device use Wi-Fi vpn?
A9.  A Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry Smartphone can establish a Wi-Fi connection from an enterprise Wi-Fi network, a personal Wi-Fi network with a virtual private network (VPN) connection, or a hotspot with a VPN connection direct to the BlackBerry Router.

In addition, using a Wi-Fi network to connect directly to the BlackBerry Router, with or without a VPN session, or to the Internet on the appropriate port, a Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry Smartphone can access the BlackBerry® Internet Service, BlackBerry Messenger, and personal identification number (PIN) messaging.

Please refer to the following for the supported BlackBerry Smartphone's that are Wi-Fi capable:


Q10.  When you enable an additional form of encryption, is it possible to just apply it to a specific group, or does it apply to all users in the blackberry domain?

a) An Administrator can enable or disable S/MIME for a group as well as from the Server level to apply to all users.
b) When referring to the native encryption (such as 3DES or AES), this is configured at only the server level.       

Q11.  Is it safe to assume that all traffic to and from the BlackBerry Smartphone is filtering through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server? If not, in what scenarios is traffic bypassing the BlackBerry Enterprise server?
A11.  All BlackBerry Enterprise traffic is processed by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software.  This would include messages, calendar appointments, etc. Messages sent through BlackBerry Internet Services, or Web browsing with the Carrier(BIS) Browser would do not go through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

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