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Why don't you support Toyota Entune App?

I have a blackberry 9810 from work and this is my first blackberry. I personally don't like the fact that there are hardly any apps that I can't get that everyone else with an android or Iphone can get.


This phone is from work and all of us sales reps are pushing for Androids / Iphones which i think we can get in August. We also have the option for the Z10 though I doubt I will get it because of the lack of capabilities/apps like this.


Just curious if we will be able to get the Entune app or if there is a workaround?




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Re: Why don't you support Toyota Entune App?

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The only work-around I have is actually pairing the Z10 to 2013 Toyota and able to use it for phone calls only.  None of the features of Navigation, nothing on Internet.  I turned off connection to music because that is what locked-up my Z10.  It keeps sending a pop-up reading that it cannot find music files.  This is a secure work phone.  I do not use it for music files.  So, I took a .wav file of a voice mail message where all I say is yes.  It would not take a blank message.  Then, I sent the e-mail to the Z10.  Then, I opened the .wav file.  Then, I saved the .wav file on the Z10.  Now, finally, I can connect the Z10 to the 2013 Toyota.  So, I can use the phone on the steering wheel.  That's all I've got, if that is what you mean by a work-around, rajc5b ?


I also got out my BlackBerry Bold 9870 and paired it to the Toyota and can also make and answer calls on the steering wheel.


I called Toyota who wrote the entune app.  They state that they in the future will work on the app for Z10.  Really sad actually, rajc5b.


I bought apple's new product.  Took it back. 


I bought the Android and I will give it apps.  I had a HTC.  Took that right back.


Maybe if I had bought the Samsung Galaxy. 


I bought the BlackBerry Z10.  I am keeping it.  Best BlackBerry phone I've had and I have had 10 BlackBerry phones going back to beginning and before that had many other phones.


I just went to BlackBerry World, and it doesn't even take you to a screen that entune doesn't work on Z10, rajc5b.  Of course they should do that.  Instead on a Google search I got to this :




That supposedly is entune.  But, everything is now blanked-out on it, so you cannot even see the poor review rankings.


Sad, again.


I did download when I bought the Z10 several of the higher rated free apps.  I have seen no less than about 5 updates for each.  Every couple of days, they send me notices a new release is out of each.  Really sad.  I am not wasting my time uploading new app s/w releases every 5 minutes.


With the help of folks on this forum donating their time, I have a working phone.


Just none of the features of entune.


Except the phone works.


Well, sort of.  Remember the .wav file me saying yes I saved on the Z10 ?


I hear that in the car about every 3 minutes.  Yes.






Before that, I had a pop-up saying no music files found.


How absolutely bloody silly.


I need a pop-up to tell me that ?


That pop-up pops-up every 5 seconds.  Can never get to do anything on the BlackBerry Z10 because of it.  Totally locks it up.


Now, I can use it but listen to yes now every 3 minutes.


So, no.

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Re: Why don't you support Toyota Entune App?

I have a Blackberry Bold 9900 I have a link to the entune app that works on my bold when you first start it you will get a miising backgroud page. At that point hit the blackberry button and you should get to the apps page. Then hook up to the car. Workes for me http://www.theiexplorers.com/OTA/ToyotaEntune/ToyotaEntune.jad
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