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THIS is making me SICK! Z10 and no ending!

after having "updated" my device (see my older posts from yesterday) with the .4181, I realized today that, although "something" firmewarey was installed, my Z10 is still running the SW


Since the basic "smartphone functionalities" could be restored, I did not pay attention to the PHONE-parameter, what I did today, after NO calls from customers striked my ears...well...what shall I say:


My Z10 has the "extra silence profile" now as well, i.e. I am not able to receive calls or initiate them.


I tried my Multi-SIM Card from Deutsche Telekom, having one inserted in my Z10 and the other one was tucked to my old clam shell cromagnon shlepp phone... the old one rang, the Z10 did not make any move on showing either an incoming call, or reporting a missed call.


BlackBerry, I am not a huge company, but I work for some...this today has been the second day I was unreachable for potential customers...due to the fact that my land line is a virtual number, mapped to my cell phone number...


Another bug I encountered is:

When setting the alarm clock, either over the pulldown menue, or the clock app, it works just fine, BUT

when You check the time by again pulling down the top menue, it adds 2 hours to the designated wake up time.

You set the alarm for 5:30 am and the BB Z10 makes 7:30 am out of it, not just changing the time, but also sounding the alarm at the wrong time


SW-Version is: (even after updating to

Model Number STL100-2


So here are my question:




Are You planning on

a) FIRING the QA-Dept?

b) releasing a stable, bugfree FW which allows PEOPLE to actually use THE PHONE again, for initiating calls AND receiving them...if so, WHEN?

c) compensating all those people for their  time and days they were unable to use their fancy, new expensive phones, those people who still had faith in Your company and either came back or never dismissed their BB-Devices and decided to use the new Z10?



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Re: THIS is making me SICK! Z10 and no ending!



Just to set your expectations...it's fine to "rant" about things here, but I do hope you are not expecting a formal reply from anyone at BlackBerry. For this site is not a channel for any formal communications with, escalations to, nor support from BlackBerry for any purpose whatsoever. Rather, it is a user-to-user community of volunteers who try to help each other out to the best of their abilities. Note this banner, please, posted at the top of nearly every page of the site:


BSCF User Comm.JPG


Consequently, words posted such as "WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?" are actually directed at the other kind volunteers of this site, who may not respond in the most kindly of fashions. Hopefully, we all can understand that your rant is directed at BlackBerry (though, by placing it here, it is misplaced), but I just wanted to gently caution you about such posts, as well as ensure that your expectation concerning replies is properly set. Also, for new members who join the site, it's always good to have responses to such posts, covering the intended use of the site so that those new members can better understand such things.


On the other hand, if you do desire assistance from other users for your issues, you might consider wording your requests in a manner that would motivate a kind volunteer to provide such.


Good luck!

Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
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Re: THIS is making me SICK! Z10 and no ending!

Good day

I don't get your post your all over the place did you update to the new OS for your Z10

did you have any problems with your previous OS?
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My Device: BlackBerry Z10

Re: THIS is making me SICK! Z10 and no ending!

I apologize for any verbal harm that any Users in attendence might have felt through my harsh, but clear words.


Of course my "rant" was not meant to be towards them, but since this is the "official" forum, linked through the BB site, I suspect some officials to look into topics from time to time.


To be honest, I am more than frustrated with this recent update incident and since the numbers of affected users grow constantly, I personally find it unacceptable that the guys over at BB do not seem to get it done to post a statement, but leave all the troubled people on their own...is it like "mind over matter" to them? We don´t mind and it doesn´t matter!


Some people who have bought the Q/Z10´s may be dependent on those devices, since it is their daily communication base, which get´s "silently terminated".


Again, I was not my intention to insult or do even worse the USERS NOR the "BB-Officials", but this whole thing is getting more and more ridiculous!


And sorry for saying so, but concerning the "the providers deliver the updates" I´ve read here know...they can only deliver, what BlackBerry issued them, or? Please correct me, if I am mistaken...


Cheers and hopefully a nice weekend (with a working update)



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My Device: BlackBerry Z10

Re: THIS is making me SICK! Z10 and no ending!

RobGambino wrote:
Good day

I don't get your post your all over the place did you update to the new OS for your Z10

did you have any problems with your previous OS?

I tried to update from .2312 to .4182...package downloads, installs and beside all these little "bug troubles" the SW Version still remains .2312...although it appears that the install process is executed.


Nope, I did not have any problems with my previsous OS, only with my first Z10. I died after about a week or so, with the "internal/external mike" problem and was replaced by amazon.de