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Drums - Rejected

I receieved an email today stating that my app has been rejected, they gave the following reasons:


    Integration of one BlackBerry Service


   Please add feature such as : description for tutorial for beginner, demo, capability to save recording in other format, etc


     Please add more feature so it can differentiate your apps with from other on this category



This has frustrated me becuase my app does include the payment service, they obviosuly havent looked too hard, an entire section of the app is dedicated to purchasing new kits. And as for the other points they fall under user benefits. They seem very subjective and they are asking me to do things to my app that I do not want to do (I do not want the user to be able to save a recording in any other format). Plus my app is very different from other drum apps, other drum apps are very simple, mine has a recording studio and and store to purchase new kits.


I've emailed them back my views, I just think it's ridicolously subjective, my app does adhere to everything the checklist asked for. If it's going to be like this then I'm going to cancel the development of converting the rest of my PlayBook apps to BB10 and just go back to iOS development.


Also I think that it's ridicolous that an app that has previously been BlackBerry App Of The Week gets turned down for BlackBerry approval.


Anyway vent over, here's some screenshots for anyone wondering what the app is like:










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Re: Drums - Rejected

Just from the screen shots, it looks like you have plenty of features, use the BB10 UI, and if you are using in-app payment, you have covered the service items.


What audio format do you save it?  I would think MP3 would be sufficient.

How about adding the ability to share recorded MP3 files with BBM?

I did not download it, so I cannot speak the ease of use and the need for a tutorial.  Could a written one be easily added?


App of the week is independent to BFB and pre-dates it as well.  So that really cannot be used as a ticket into BFB since the criteria is not the same.


If you would like more critique, please let me know.


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Re: Drums - Rejected

"Please add more feature so it can differentiate your apps with from other on this category"


Ha, the typos/poor grammar in the statement above gave me the illusion that at least a real human being had looked at one of my apps and rejected it in a rush to get through 15,000 others ...


Now that I see the exact same sentence in your rejection e-mail that last ray of hope has gone as well.


Alec Saunders did his courageous leap of faith yesterday (kudos to him, for that and everything else he has set in motion over the last few months, honestly), but meanwhile the BFB testing team is cutting the rope for most of us!


My other app, the one that I was most confident about (see link in my footer, if anyone has time to look and comment) was rejected with no explanation except "Apps that perform a simple single function such as play a noise or display a graphic are not eligible" which I find hard to accept for an app with a feature list covering several screens worth, and features that may not be rocket science but are far from simple and have been praised as unique and innovative by reviewers of the PlayBook version ... 


Anyway, I agree with what jtegen wrote in another post - there should at least be some way to appeal a decision and/or get some more personalized info.


Feeling rejected ... :smileysad:


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