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Re: Ok I'm done

Hi Marco,


This is actually something I was going to bring in up in your seminal This program is a joke... B4BB thread last week, and was writing a long post about that I never finished.  My app is an app to help people learn to run (Couch 2AnyK) and I also got rejected for B4BB last week, and the feedback I got was:


·         Please comply with BB10 UI (BlackBerry 10 UI Guidelines)

·         Please use service integration (Integration of one BlackBerry Service)

·         Please add more feature like record the mileage, route, calories, etc. so it can enhance the productivity


The service integration should not be an issue since the latest update to my app submitted when I applied for B4BB added BBM profile updates, so obviously something was missed or they were reviewing the older release.


More features should also not be required since Alec Saunder's update and promise to "not design our apps for us", though I admit the app is currently fairly basic and more features are planned.  Unfortunately I have seen other recent rejection posts where it still seems like apps need to differentiate from other apps in the category with more features to be approved.  According to Alec's update this shouldn't be required and rejections based on this need to stop.


What I am really concerned about though and what hasn't been addressed at all are the rejections like you just got, based on non-compliance of the BB10 UI guidelines - with no concrete feedback or explanation of what in our app does not meet the guidelines and needs to be fixed.  Marco, you were lucky to get some detailed feedback from the Program Managers about specific menus or screens with descriptions of exactly what was wrong, and now you have still been rejected!  Every rejection for UI compliance should contain this type of detailed feedback, in my opinion.  Otherwise, how can any developer be expected to fix their app and re-submit with any hope of approval, especially after your rejection here again?


The UI guidelines are long, and I have read them multiple times.  My app is entirely Cascades, and the only obvious spot where I think my application might not comply is the "About C25K" button on the action bar.  This is not an "About this App" button, it actually brings up a dialog explaning the background of the training program used in the application.  I think this is important info and I currently don't have any other action buttons, so I did not think it made sense to "hide" this button in the pull down menu at the top.  In fact I don't like the pull down menu since there is nothing that indicates to users anythiing is there, and I think buttons or info placed there are easily missed.  However, if I knew that I had to change this in order to pass B4BB, I would grudginly make the change.  Without concrete feedback though, I am completely in the dark and based on Marco's rejection after all his work, have little chance of passing B4BB.


Thanks for reading,





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Re: Ok I'm done



Honestly, what you're describing is why I went on a rampage after getting the second rejection email. It was just a huge shocker to get that after my very constructive dialog with Nancy, the PM of the project. While I still think it's pretty bad that they apparently let the 'crappy review emails' continue after promising to improve I think I still should have just emailed Nancy first. Hurting her feelings really didn't help anything which is why I'm sorry that happened. 


She explained this message shouldn't have been sent and the app is now 'pending' again and I'm waiting to see what happens next. I do REALLY hope they have now stopped the team from sending more of these rejections. What we need instead is nice, detailed feedback like Nancy sent me. Everyone should get feedback like that because with that we can actually have a fighting chance to improve the app to a point where it's acceptable for the program. With 'Please follow BB10 Guidelines.' nobody can do a thing. 


I personally think 'please add features such as A, B and C' is the exact thing they said they DON'T want to be doing: designing the app for us. In that particular case it would suffice to say the app has too small a feature set. Developers could then possibly appeal the decision by explaining potentially overlooked features or just accept the fact that BFBB can't accept all apps, which is fine with me. Some apps can be great and / or succesful but yet not be acceptable for BFBB. For example my app 'The Last Weather App' is insanely popular (I wouldn't be surprised if it's THE most popular app right now) but it would never make it through this program.


That said, I think as long as good feedback is lacking we could try to help eachother out with helpful suggestions here on this forum. 

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Re: Ok I'm done

You're not alone. I had some constructive information returned by Nancy as well. A day later, I get a similar email that the app does not follow the UI Guideliness and sevice integration is needed; none of which is what was in our conversation with Nancy and if anyone looked at the app for 10 seconds would see neither of those are true.

Someone needs to take the big red "reject" button a way from the testers that auto generates these emails.