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Built For BlackBerry

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Welcome to the new Built for BlackBerry board!

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Welcome to the channel for the Built for BlackBerry program. We're committed to bringing the best apps and BlackBerry App World™ storefront to our developers, partners, and customers. This is the place to learn more and ask questions to build the best apps out there.


More information on the program is at Built for BlackBerry. Full Terms and Conditions for the program are coming soon.


For anything else, post away!

Melanie Baker
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Re: Welcome to the new Built for BlackBerry board!

Hi I'm a bit confused about the terms of the Built for Blackberry program, and I was hoping to get some clarification.


I am creating a game using Cascades engine....


1) In regards to the game engine criteria, my game doesn't use an external game engine, just Cascades. Does that still meet the game criteria? Since it is still being developed natively.

2)   In regards to the service integration, the requirements is  the "app must seamlessly integrate at least one of the following services". But for the purposes of games, ScoreLoop integration is a requirement, that makes the criteria requirement confusing..... So does that still count as THE ONE required service? Adding in another service in addtion for the purposes of a game, would simply be a shoehorn at that point....


Thanks in advance

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Re: Welcome to the new Built for BlackBerry board!

That's a great question.


Over the next few months we will add more detail to the sites to help answer feedback we get from the community but we knew it was also important to get something out know that will give developers the time needed to begin development. 


When I think of a game developed in cascades, that would fall under the 'your gaming app must be developed natively"


On the service integration front, internally we had a few discussions on how to best communicate our requirements for gaming.  I'll take your feedback to the team to see if we can improve our approach but essentialy we're saying that games must integrate scoreloop.  Other services are optional for them.



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Re: Welcome to the new Built for BlackBerry board!

Thanks @samyotte!


That certainly clears things up for me.


In regards to how to communicate the gaming requirements, I'd suggest removing the "one must apply" circles on the Service Integration section for the games column, and simply use the the "required" circle on the Scoreloop. Similiar to what's shown in the User Benefits section. That would clear things up in my mind.

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Re: Welcome to the new Built for BlackBerry board!



I just submitted two BlackBerry 10 apps.  Will I be automically enrolled in the Built for BlackBerry Program?


Also I have two apps say


1. One app makes $12,000

2. The other apps makes $5,000.


Will BlackBerry pay me $5,000?


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Re: Welcome to the new Built for BlackBerry board!


First off you will not automatically be enrolled in the Built for BlackBerry Program. You will have to submit each app from App World Vendor Portal. The option will become available on October 10th (10-10).

Each App can be submitted 3 times, if it's rejected on the 3rd time you can no longer submit it.

Secondly yes assuming both of the Apps meet the program requirements you would get the $5000.

I asked the same question at Jam Session 44 you can watch it here

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Re: Welcome to the new Built for BlackBerry board!

I am totally new to the world of BlackBerry application development and it would be great if you could provide me with some help on my doubts.


I have been developing on Android for quite sometime now and hence prefer porting my applications to BlackBerry instead of learning J2ME from scratch. But "Built for BlackBerry" program does not seem to include Android framework. Why is that ? When BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook does support Android applications, why are developers not being encouraged to choose it as a platform ? Would that not make us eligible for the program ?


Some clarification would indeed be great!

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Re: Welcome to the new Built for BlackBerry board!

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Hello @samyotte & @ woody0486 & Group,


The requirements for Scoreloop integration for games has since changed.  It is not a mandatory requirement to use Scoreloop within your game application in order to have it approved for BlackBerry World -- though it is highly recommendedas it will add much value to your application.  


Please refer to:  Built for BlackBerry Criteria section and the BlackBerry App World Vendor Guidelines  as all applications submitted must comply with the items outlined to be approved.  


Along with the main requirements, games require some additional criteria found here


(Note:  BlackBerry World criteria for Scoreloop section may need to be updated to include - "not a mandatory requirement")

William Hoang

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Re: Welcome to the new Built for BlackBerry board!

Need some help. I have been waiting about a month for my built for blackberry approval status and my app is currently doing well in the Blackberry App World. 


Qn 1) If I make more than $1,000 from now till I get approved will that count toward the $1,000 mininum requirement? If it does not count, should i remove my app from the app world since its clearly not fair that it wont count? Should I re-list after approval and March 4th date?


Qn 2) I have been waiting over a month for the Built for Blackberry Approval Status. How long does it typically take? Are they holding back on approvals / rejections?

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Re: Welcome to the new Built for BlackBerry board!

It is taking a long time for everyone to clear BBW and then B4BB review. B4BB is multiple stages as well. User experience and then device resource analysis on the device (CPU, memory, etc.).