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Re: I'm done with BlackBerry, complaint!

Nokia to you to matey!

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Re: I'm done with BlackBerry, complaint!

The OP is a little testy (understandably), but I can feel his pain.


I don't own a BB phone (my wife does...) but I decided to buy a PlayBook. The first one I got from Future Shop failed, right out of the box. Would not start, would not charge... and no, none of the possible combinations of button presses and button holds (whether for 15 seconds or 20 seconds) had any effect. I did take it back and get another one, but I'm kinda holding my breath waiting for the replacement to fail. So, I won't be buying a lot of apps until the thing has proven itself for a few months. 


Anyway, while bouncing with frustration at the failure of the first one (what kind of quality control doesn't even check them before shipping?), I got much more frustrated with the lack of support. I came to the BB site (on this, my laptop, since the Playbook wasn't working) and got directed to a contact page. I politely outlined my problem, and asked for a fix, since the PB documents said NOTHING about failure to accept charge and failure to turn on, etc.  They all start off assuming you are already looking at the home screen.


The e-mail response was swift and automatic. So sorry, we can't/won't help. We respond only to registered incidents. For which you need to be registered with info from your device. Oh, and it costs money, right out of the box, so we really advise you to deal with your service provider. 


 ---  If I might take just a moment to address the lovely person who wrote that canned e-mail response (I have three copies in my inbox)....  "Hey, MORON, I have a fricken PlayBook.... WHAT service provider would that be that I'm supposed to turn to for initial instructions on how to turn the stupid thing ON?"  That's all I wanted to know. Plugging it in and press the power button (and all other button combinations that I learned by Googling) did absolutely nothing, and here I still thought I was maybe the dummy, having never met a PlayBook before, and maybe there was a simple secret handshake...   -- 


So, yeah, I can see the OP being a tad testy. 

If you are a customer of a cellular service provider, then RIM doesn't want to hear from you... unless you want to pay money right away.  No grace period at all. If you are NOT a customer of a cellular service provider (at least, not with a RIM product for that service), then RIM really doesn't want to hear from you, since you aren't a source of revenue. How can they not understand that giving people a bad experience at the outset is ... um... not the way to build great word-of-mouth, word-of-blog, word-of-tweet, etc.  

People who have a good/great experience with a company tell ten people.

People who have a crappy experience tell hundreds.  They should do the math on that. 


But then, I'm a dummy. I went right back and got another one.  It's not too bad so far.  Not great, but of course I can't really trust it...  


Whew!  More venting.   Smiley Indifferent