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Re: New Blackberry 10 Sync to Outlook

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Thanks for the info Jerry, very helpful.

I have set up via the Hotmail route and it works extremely well and withought me having to do anything or plug anything in, so that is good.


I have doubts about the security however, but at least it is a fix for now and the Z10 can stay for a while.

(I may even get used to its slow copy and paste function...)

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Re: New Blackberry 10 Sync to Outlook

Forget rthis link! I tried it three months ago under tha auspices of Companion Link and it fid not synchronise Calendar.


I have just paid another US$24.99 to download the version proposed by your link and this has exactly the same fault. IT DOES NOT SYNCHRONISE CALENDAR EVENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So you owe me US$24.99!!


Roll on the BB update to their own synchronise programme.




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Re: New Blackberry 10 Sync to Outlook

I am a new BlackBerry user moving to the Z10 from the iphone 4S. I like most customers did not have access to BlackBerry executives. So what I went on was reputation. BlackBerry has the reputation as the company that does email and messenger best. In particular Outlook sync was a good selling point. There where also other reasons for moving to BlackBerry that have not materialised but I have stuck with the company.

The Z10 is an excellent device and I am pleased that improvements are on the way that will fix bugs and add functionality. I

I could not fail the number of bitterly disappointed BlackBerry customers who unwittingly upgraded to the Z10 in innocent ignorance of the lack of two way Outlook sync.

This forum is a good way (the only way for most) to communicate our dissatisfaction with the way that BlackBerry treats customers. I fear that with the launch of the Q10 the number of customers impacted by the two way sync issue will be exponentially greater. BlackBerry will either lose orders or have a higher return rate from small business customers.

A timely fix through the Link software will solve the problem for sure but at the least an update on progress is in order.