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Internet on bb


My name is Fátima Mahomed and im from Portugal, Lisbon. I have a Blackberry Bold for almost 2 years and im very happy with my phone and ill never would change it. 
But i have a big issue. Im a customer from Vodafone and the prices to have internet on my bb are very expensive, because they say you need 500mb internet plan to use bbm services. And i feel i can't never enjoy the phone plenty because its a smartphone and smartphones need internet.
So basically my question is do you need a specific amount of megas to de bbm system? If yes how many (the minimum)?
Please Please answer me back 
Best wishes
Fátima Mahomed
P.S. Sorry about the english!
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Re: Internet on bb

I think that will be plenty because bbm doesn't use that much data at all.  If you transfer files via bbm, then that will start to add up, but for regular use, you're fine.  I recommend that you monitor your data usage to make sure you don't go over the limit.  If you do get close to your limits, consider getting a higher data package or use WiFi when possible.

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Re: Internet on bb

Hello -- I agree with what Wolf359 has said...with one caveat. BBM group membership.

If you are a member of groups, data (and, indeed battery) consumption can be much higher due to the nature of the BBM platform being peer-to-peer. For instance, if a new member joins, their BBM must synchronize with the entire group, and all members of the group are affected by that activity. If a member drops and re-joins, same thing when they re-synchronize. If the group is sharing a lot of things (especially pictures), that too will consume more resources, and worsen that join/drop/rejoin impact.

Hence, it's really impossible to tell anyone exactly what they require...for it depends completely on the usage for that individual, which will vary from all other users. Every user is unique, with their own methods and usage patterns.

Hence, do monitor your usage as Wolf359 has recommended.

Good luck!

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