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Name & Address problem with Blackberry BIS sync for Gmail Contacts, but not with "Google Sync"

I own a Blackberry Bold 9900 with Rogers wireless (v7.1.0.391, Platform and I'm having a few problems with the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Sync for Gmail Contacts. I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of a solution or direction on how to report the bugs.

For several years, I've been happily using Gmail's "Google Sync" app, but recently learned that it will be turned off on Sept 1st. ( http://gonegoogling.blogspot.ca/2012/04/google-ending-support-for-google-sync.html )

So I made the switch to the BIS gmail sync, and I've run into the following problems with the field synchronization, which make the sync useless for me because they "corrupt" my data.  Note these problems occur after the Blackberry-->Gmail-->Blackberry sync is complete:

1. Name Defect: If a first name has more than 1 word originally, then after the sync, the additional words are moved to the last name field. For example:
First Name: Ann Marie
Last Name: Moore

First Name: Ann
Last Name: Marie Moore

This was not a problem with "Google Sync".

2. Address Defect:  All address fields are duplicated into the first line of the address, making for redundant information. For example:
Address 1: 4000 Some Road
City: City
Province: ON
Postal Code: H0H 0H0
Country: Canada

Address 1: 4000 Some Road, City, ON, H0H 0H0, Canada
City: City
Province: ON
Postal Code: H0H 0H0
Country: Canada

This was not a problem with "Google Sync".

3. Website & Title:  The website URL & Title are not synced from Gmail to Blackberry.  These fields were synched by "Google Sync".

4.  Additionally, the following fields are not synched are would be nice-to-haves ( http://www.blackberryforums.com.au/forums/blackberry-9800-series-smartphone-discussion/11630-blackbe... )
* Nickname
* Birthday
* Anniversary
* Categories (Business, Personal)
* User 1
* User 2
* User 3
* User 4

I've tried several syncs to get this sorted out, but I'm fairly certain it's a bug in the sync code.  

Troubleshooting I've done:
A. Fresh Blackberry to Gmail Sync:
1. Delete all gmail contacts.  
2. Restore BB contacts in proper name & address format.  
3. Enable BB wireless sync.  
4. Wait for contacts to sync to Gmail.  
5. Then when it syncs back to Blackberry, it creates duplicates in the Blackberry where first name has more than 1 word.  
6. Then when it syncs back to Gmail, the duplicates are added to Gmail.  
7. In Gmail, I do a 'Find & Merge Duplicates'.  
8. Unfortunately Gmail chooses to keep the contacts with the messed up name.  
9. Fail.

B. Clear BB & Gmail, import Outlook to Gmail.
1. Delete all gmail contacts.  
2. Delete all BB contacts.  
3. Export address book from Outlook.  
4. Import address book into Gmail.  
5. Confirm name & address look good.  
6. Enable BB wireless sync.
7. Wait for contacts to sync to blackberry from Gmail.
8. The contacts that show up have a messed up name.  
9. Then they sync to gmail and there are duplicates on Gmail...
10. and then I'm in the same boat as the previous troubleshooting.

Any help would be appreciated.


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