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Dev-centric video channel: let us know what you want to see

Ahoy, intrepid developers!


If I might be so bold as to momentarily distract you from your compiling, I have a favour to ask. (Yeah, she just got here and she's already asking for favours…)


We’ve been working on a project here at the Stately BlackBerry Manor, and I would love to get your input. We're building what we’ve colloquially referred to as “DevTube”, i.e. a video channel of developer-centric content. So I figured it would be a good idea to actually ask you what you'd like to see on it.


Would love to know what types/lengths of content you'd be interested in, what you'd like to learn about, who you'd like to meet, what kinds of things make you stop watching and go back to Reddit…


Some general categories we're thinking of so far:


  • Developers! Folks who are building cool apps, their companies, processes, products, etc.
  • Technical product demos. How does new stuff being launched make your development life easier, better, faster, etc.
  • Screencasts. How to do…?
  • The business of apps. Lots of you are building businesses out there. What are the best practices, success stories, etc.
  • Meet the team. Lots of you know lots of us. At least online. Get to know Dev Relations and other relevant RIM folk and who can help you get stuff done.
  • Event coverage. Keynotes, interviews, etc. You're seeing this stuff on the dev blog and whatnot, just want to have it in one place.

I can't guarantee we'll be able to implement everything you throw out there, but geek-friendly and fluff-free is my ultimate goal.


Much obliged,




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Melanie Baker
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Re: Dev-centric video channel: let us know what you want to see

First of all, each and every category you list would definitely belong there in some RIM's video channel. What would belong in developer channel is a different issue.


Personally, I would expect to see a purely technical channel, filled with some of the following:

Developers! - rather than simply folks who are building cool apps, I would like to see "How we did this..." type of videos.

Screencasts - "How to do...?" - A resounding "yes" here.

The business of apps - best practices, etc. Somewhat similar to Developers! above, but more generic and future-oriented.

Developers clinic - taking a generic task and showing how to solve it using the available features. For example, writing networking code, building UI, parsing XML, working with databases, etc. Somewhat similar to Screencasts above, but with a different goal. A screencast might show a quick working solution, while a clinic would discuss ways to customize the solution, integrate with the rest of the code, etc.

New feature introduction/overview - this would complement the code demos which RIM includes with each new release. The demos show some very simple but complete code; those introduction/overview videos would show a thought process behind the feature itself as well as some thought patterns while using it. If we look back at BlackBerry OS releases, a video on net.rim.device.api.ui.decor package in 4.6 or touch event processing in 4.7 would be extremely beneficial. More narrow and specific stuff such as EyelidFieldManager in 5.0 would not need such an introduction, IMHO. Such introductory videos might later become the beginnings of great developer clinics.


In brief, everything related to developer's thought process would be very welcome in such a channel.


Thanks for coming up with this idea!

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Re: Dev-centric video channel: let us know what you want to see

This is great stuff, thanks. Tapping into developers' thought processes hits the nail on the head -- I don't know how that looks, so need to ask. (And what may see dev-centric to me may seem fluffy to you folks.)


One of the other goals, per one of your comments, is to centralize dev resources as much as possible, rather than the "some channel" model. I don't imagine we'll be perfect at it right off the bat, but blessedly, the 'net is all about fast iteration and evolution.





Melanie Baker
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Re: Dev-centric video channel: let us know what you want to see

I agree with arkadyz,   a developer channel should be just technical and not too full of "fluff.   The OS 7.1 videos I thought were great, they gave detail on the new features without the sales hype. Developers generally want to just get on with it, while architects are more interested in overall design. Newbies want a quick and easy answer to "How can I make a screen". By dividing stuff up into levels of expertise I think there would be wider appeal.


My 2c.



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Re: Dev-centric video channel: let us know what you want to see

I really appreciate the idea..!! :smileyhappy:


I liked the Category a"Developers clinic". This will help in newbies to clear their concept. Taking a task/excercise and solve it will make them confident using available resources/hints.


This must have lots and lots of samples / codes (for all OS at least including 5.0) as we can see for Android Development, which makes life of Android Developers so easy. 


Looking forward from RIM to be a prt of this soon..

Kanak Sony
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Re: Dev-centric video channel: let us know what you want to see

I am definitely in favor of this! I agree that the focus should be on technical aspects of development not the fluffy side. As a newbie (3 months BB Java phone app development) I'm looking for solid, reliable current information and techniques that will allow me understanding of the proper ways to implement the app logic. I come from doing a year of Android development of a proprietary internal corporate app. I am now trying to port that app to the BB platform. Sure, the platforms are different (old girlfriend/new girlfriend) but the desired results are the same. I love the Developer Support Forums and truly appeciate the responses of the 'gurus'!


Recently I posted the following:http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/Java-Development/Understanding-GUI-Basics/td-p/1772451 (I can definitely tell you that the GUI is killing me on new app feature development). I think it exempifies what we as newbies face namely not enough information at the 'foundation' level and how it applies to solving problems so that we can get up to speed and solve our own issues. Whether the information is expressed in hard copy, video, white papers whatever, the approach should favor 'care-and-feeding', 'theory-of-operation', etc. then supplemented with complete, detailed, illustrative and working examples. Definitely keep it focused and incremental: beginning, intermediate and advanced. One size does not fit all!


This is a substantial undertaking and I wish you the best. I'll try to help if possible.


PS: I know BB 10 and Playbook are hot but we really need to at least support 5.0 due to the substantial number of devices out there.