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Embedded Browers w/ Cookies, Animation, Transparency and In-Line "native" Links

Hi Guys,


I have a few questions, the OS we are targeting is 7.1


a.      Embedded browser – cookie mgmt


Are you able to pass cookies from the Embedded browers to the Native browser and back again? Is the "cookie pool" the same between the native browser app and embedded browser?


b.      Animation


We have a screen that has an animation of multiple "Horizontal Field Managers" from left to right. I have developed an app in the past that does this, however, my new client needs confirmation that there is not an "easy" way of doing this.




If you have 10 HFM's in a VFM that are the "width of the screen" - we would want to scroll between each HFM using touch and/or track pad.  In the past I have overridden / set the Horizontal Scorll Position - the issues start when you don't get the scroll positino right (on different screen sizes), as well as "snapping" the HFM's in the center of the screen. Also, rolling over to "infinite" HFM's add's complexicitiy. I also had to override the touch event to set focus.


c.      Transparency.


The client would like a transparent box "floating" at the bottom of the screen, with text that is shown under it. The text would flow transparently under the bottom box.


I have explained that it would be less time consuming to just use a standard VFM with a locked box at the bottom (not transparent), but they would like confirmation that the transparency is difficult to do.



d.      In-line "native" links.


The client would like to have "in-line" links inside of a LabelField that link to other screens in the app.


In the past I have used Vertical/Horizonal FieldManagers combined with LinkField that "split up" the text so i can insert the LinkField and override the navigation click. Obviously very time consuming.


The other option I suggested was to make the entire LabelField cilckable.


Your thoughts / suggestions are appreciated


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Re: Embedded Browers w/ Cookies, Animation, Transparency and In-Line "native" Links

a.  Not an area of expertise, but my understanding is that the Browwser and the applicatin programs using BrowserField2 will share nothing and you can't in fact share anything.  The cookies managed by the BrwoserField2 are sparate from the Browser cookies.


b.  I am not clear on this


I presume here you are talking about things like the BlackBerry World Featured apps scroller.


The PictureScrollField does some of this processing for you:



You might want to do something with tabs like this:



I beleive there are some other helpful UI components, but I am stuck supported OS 5.0 and for OS 5.0, I don't think there is anything that helpful.  So yes I think you end up having to listen for touch and/or scroll changes and snap the Field into position.  The only 'trick' with this, is that you if you put focus in a Field, then the processing will try to make sure that Field is fully in focus.  So if you have a full width NullField, then you might find that just focusing will scroll for you. 


c.  Don't understand this.  How will anyone see a 'transparent' box.


d.  I presume this is a little link the heml 'links'


have a look at this class



Also this:



Hope this helps.