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How to get elegant inputs for PopupScreen (like in the Flickr app)?

I've been playing with the PopupScreen control and am interested in knowing I could reproduce a similar look (see image below).


I've already started with the PasswordPopupScreen example provided by blackberry. It got me on the right track, but I'm a bit lost with how to style the input controls to look as slick as flickr's.


For example, hosting just a RichTextField works, but its bulk and does not have the nice look and feel of the Title input feel seen below. Is this just a modified version of RichTextField or is an entirely different control?


So please, any tips, code or pointers would be much appreciated.





Custom PopupScreen Controls


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Re: How to get elegant inputs for PopupScreen (like in the Flickr app)?

without knowing the app i would say they use:
- two pngs for the title area (the flickr text could also be achieved by custom text drawing).
- a labelfield for "title"
- an editfield with a custom drawing for "under the sun". can't see it clearly in your screenshot but it seems they have a color gradient in the background, iirc you can achieve it with drawtexturedpath. the placement of the text is most likely controlled by some internal logig and drawtext.
- objectchoicefields for the rest
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Re: How to get elegant inputs for PopupScreen (like in the Flickr app)?

GUI's are not exactly my thing but I was debating about doing something like this

with just a raw bitmap and writing/placing everything by hand. Curious to know what

limitations or issues there may be with this, esp anything with storm. I guess if you

want to preserve your app look-and-feel it may be easier this way as I have had some 

possible problems ( they are problems for me since I didnt know how to fix them ) 

with even simple components on a few different simulators.




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Re: How to get elegant inputs for PopupScreen (like in the Flickr app)?

Hi Simon,


Thanks for your comments, very helpful! A few follow up question:


1. EditField with white text and border

> - an editfield with a custom drawing for "under the sun".

What do you (or anyone) recommend for me to start exploring custom drawing for EditField. Even just something simple like 1) a white background adn 2) a thin border.


2. ObjectChoiceField and visulizing a drop down list

> - objectchoicefields for the rest

In playing with objectchoicefield, the base implementation is pretty generic, It does not even seem to visualize a drop down of items.Is there a flag that I should set, below if the code I'm using for a popup:



String[] roseindia={"<none>","chanan","tapan","Amar","santosh","deepak"}; ObjectChoiceField choice = new ObjectChoiceField("Choices", roseindia, 0, Field.HIGHLIGHT_SELECT); add(choice);


3. Dropdown Arrow Elements

Also i notice a little dropdown element next a majority of controls (especially the hide/show container "More Details". Is this arrow a native UI element that I can display, or is this something custom.



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