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use different JADs to deploy one COD with different properties

I never got different JADs to work for website deployment.


Here is the problem, I use MIDLET getAppProperty to get a property.

I build a myMidlet.COD file with myMidlet.jad which has a HOST property.


I have on a website ten different JADs with different HOST property for

the one myMidlet.COD to be deployed. The midelt deploys nicely to the Blackberry

but the HOST is the same one used to build the COD. I was given an excerpt of code and

added some debug statements to see what this Module thing is 


public class mybbProperty {
    CodeModuleGroup[] allGroups;
    CodeModuleGroup myGroup = null;
    String moduleName;
    boolean flag=true;

    public void mybbProperty(){

    public void init(){
        versForm.debugtext+="\n init";

        CodeModuleGroup[] allGroups = CodeModuleGroupManager.loadAll();
        moduleName = ApplicationDescriptor.currentApplicationDescriptor().getModuleName();
        versForm.debugtext+="\n mode "+moduleName;   //note modulename is correct and is "myMidlet"


        for (int i = 0; i < allGroups.length; i++) {
//      versForm.debugtext+="\n"+allGroups[i].getFriendlyName();

            if (allGroups[i].getFriendlyName().equals("myMidlet")) {
                versForm.debugtext+="\n **found";
                for (Enumeration e = allGroups[i].getModules();
                    e.hasMoreElements() :smileywink: {
                    versForm.debugtext+="\n **"+e.nextElement();
                myGroup = allGroups[i];
//            for (Enumeration e = allGroups[i].getModules();
//                e.hasMoreElements() :smileywink: {
//                versForm.debugtext+="\n **"+e.nextElement();
//            }

            if (allGroups[i].containsModule(moduleName)) {
                myGroup = allGroups[i];
        versForm.debugtext+="\n end";


    public String getAppProperty(String name){
        if (flag)
        versForm.debugtext+="\n getAppProp "+name;
        if (myGroup==null)
            return null;
        return myGroup.getProperty(name);


I use the function mybbProperty.getAppProperty("AppMyHost");


I noticed that the getFriendlyName() has the name of my Application so I use it and

print out information. What I get is this


 mybbProperty mybb= new mybbProperty();

 String                s = mybb.getAppProperty("AppMyHOST");








which of course returns NULL. So how do I get properties from another JAD which was used to deploy the

app to the Blackberry. In Nokia its pretty simple use MIDlet getAppProperty() as you need a jad and jar to

deploy it. 


Anyway I have no idea which module to get. The JAD I used to deploy the COD was called green.jad

so I have no idea why myMidlet is of importance. Wouldn't I see green.jad somewhere?


Anyway, would appreciate any code that does this correctly.


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Re: use different JADs to deploy one COD with different properties

Please see this thread on this issue.




Mark Sohm
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Posts: 62
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Re: use different JADs to deploy one COD with different properties

Okay thanks, Will have to test on OS 4.3.0 it does not work on 4.2.1 though the API is available on that

OS the function is not.


Thank you solved.