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C++ opengl es 2.0 eglGetDisplay fails


  I'm porting a C++/OpenGl ES 2.0 game to the current Playbook API.  My problem is that inside of bbutil_init_egl, eglGetDisplay is returning EGL_NO_DISPLAY without setting any error:


int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    screen_context_t screen_cxt;

    //Initialize BPS library

    screen_create_context(&screen_cxt, 0);
    if (EXIT_SUCCESS != bbutil_init_egl(screen_cxt, GL_ES_2, AUTO)) {
         fprintf(stderr, "bbutil_init_egl failed\n");


The log output is:

[BPS:INFO] BPS setting verbosity 2
[BPS:INFO] bps init
[BPS:INFO] BPS initialized successfully
[BPS:INFO] Initializing channels for thread
[BPS:INFO] channel_create(783852,1,0) called
[BPS:INFO] io_notifier_create(3526836,0)
eglGetDisplay: function succeeded
bbutil_init_egl failed


Any idea where to start debugging this?


I tried the same initialization code in a stripped down little C++ app and did NOT see the problem there.  So maybe it's something in my build settings or manifest or something?




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Re: C++ opengl es 2.0 eglGetDisplay fails

I think, there's a fair bit more required before you can set up the EGL stuff. Have you read the docs on it, or looked at a sample?  The Momentics IDE can make an OpenGL template app for you with some code that sets that up, or you can read the gory details (recommended) under http://developer.blackberry.com/native/documentation/bb10/opengl_es_developer_guide.html   It's pretty thorough, as I recall.

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Re: C++ opengl es 2.0 eglGetDisplay fails

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I've looked over the docs and tried out the sample App - it works fine.


I guess my question is, for the bbutil.c code that comes with the OpenGL ES2 template App, under what conditions would eglGetDisplay return EGL_NO_DISPLAY?:


    egl_disp = eglGetDisplay(EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY);
    if (egl_disp == EGL_NO_DISPLAY) {
        return EXIT_FAILURE;




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My Device: Playbook developer

Re: C++ opengl es 2.0 eglGetDisplay fails

Following up:  

I fixed this problem, it actually seemed to be related to some problem with static linking of my app.  I was compiling some support code as static libraries and then linking them to my final app.  When I removed the static linking and just compiled all that support code into the main project, this problem went away!  Really weird.