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Is this device really this bad? Help!

I have a new BB 8830 from Verizon. I brought it home and was very excited about being able to access information on the go. Unfortunately, unless I don't understand a few things, the device is nothing but a disappointment. Maybe some of you would be willing to clear a few things up for me.


1) Does the device really not understand HTML emails? In our organization, this is a good bit of that we receive, but on the BB, about 1/3 of the emails I receive are mangled to the point that they are not readable. Is there a setting that I missed, or is the phone's email reader really stuck in 1995? The attachment viewer is, well, pathetic. Is there some other way to read pdfs? They are unmanageable on the BB ( I have to admit that the iPh*ne does a good job with both rendering and pdf attachments)


2) Is there some syncronization software other than what came in the box or have I set mine up incorrectly? I have to manually approve changes (no box to always accept changes) and the whole experience feels like trying to sync an 1990's Windows mobile handheld. Frankly, the sync software seems to have been written in a day with no thought. I'm syncing with Outlook on XP - would it work better with something else? I'm not married to Outlook, but am stuck with this BB for 2 years.


3) The BB seems to mis-intrepret Outlook meeting requests. It adds them to the calendar, but often with the wrong date and time. Is there a way to just have it render meeting requests as emails, then I can manually add to the calendar with the correct time/date?


4) Was Verizon really allowed to hobble the GPS on this device so that it can only be used with VZ Navigator? I was looking forward to Google maps and BB Maps without the extra $10/mo for the cruddy VZ Navigator. Is there any way to re-enable the device GPS? Why would RIM allow this? To make matters worse, VZ Navigator gets stuck about every 72 hours and requires that the battery be removed to get it going again. The VZ customer support said this is normal for Blackberries.


5) Does this device really not understand PIX messages, or is VZ lying to me? Now when I receive a PIX message, I have to go to a VZ website to download the picture. Worse yet, the verizon pix site doesn't even work with the BB browser, so I have to go to an actual computer to get the picture. Is there a better way to do this? I understand that this phone doesn't have a camera, but was assured that it was a "great multimedia phone."   To me, pix messages are pretty basic.


6) I cannot seem to watch movies or stream radio with the browser (either BB or Opera). Sites like YouTube and theDailyShow just don't work. If I could watch The Daily Show on the phone, it might make up for many of its deficiencies.


7) The web browser is a horrible excuse for a browser. I tried installing Opera, but it is lame for a variety of reasons, not least because you can't paste a URL in. Can the default browser even be changed from the BB one? Opera at least tried to make a usable browser. Is there another browser that I could download that would work better, something like the way the iPhone browser is setup?


So, what DOES this thing do that is good? Anything? I really bought it for email, but even that is horrid - even plain text messages are usually mangled and hard to read.


I apologize, this turned into more of a rant than a question, but really - I've never been more disappointed in a device. Can anyone offer up ANYTHING that this thing does right? I'd really appreciate it - I'm pretty much poor and feel horrible about blowing the $ for this - hopefully I'm just to much of a doofus to recognize the 8830's strengths!

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Re: Is this device really this bad? Help!

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Greetings, and welcome to the BlackBerry.com Support Forums.


I won't be long-winded:


1. OS 4.5 will enable HTML for you.

2. No. Edit your sync configuration to fit your desires, as in alway to accept changes from the HH or Outlook, etc.

3. Odd. I have never experienced that before.

4. Yes, they chose to do so. You are not the only one who didn't do all their research upfront, nor were suprised when they got home and found no readily accesible GPS.

5. I dunno, a VZW issue.

6. Get OS 4,5. for viewing at "m.youtube.com.  I have no clue about the Daily Show site. 

7. It is what it is, and the browser didn't downgrade on your ridehome from the store. Didn't you notice the browser was not a lean mean multimedia iPhone before you left the store?

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Re: Is this device really this bad? Help!

Thanks JS -  I appreciate your ideas and can't wait to try them out tomorrow, especially 4.5.


You are right on #7 - I knew that I wasn't getting an iPhone browser - I didn't want an iPhone.  I just didn't realize how bad the BB browser is until I had the opportunity to use it more.


Anyway, I primarily wanted a mobile email device, BB will unbeatable on that front with the OS upgrade.



Thanks Again! 

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Re: Is this device really this bad? Help!



In reference to number #5, yes you cannot.  Because of the fact that the 8830 does not have a camera you cannot send or receive pix messages.  You can only do this through e-mail, meaning that the person sending has to send it to your e-mail address from another e-mail address.  This is the same thing for the Iphone.  As far as I know, checked today, there has not been the 4.5 OS release for VZW.  VZNavigator was just updated for version 4 so that should help out your concern with the older one.  To install VZNavigator V4, uninstall the previous 3.something and re-install.  That would wipe whatever addresses you have set up already.  Hope this helps.

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Re: Is this device really this bad? Help!







Message edited by JSanders on 09-29-2008 12:37 AM


4. Yes, they chose to do so. 


You are not the only one who didn’t do all their research upfront, nor were surprised when they got home and found no readily accessible GPS.


It is what it is, and the browser didn’t downgrade on your ride home from the store.


Didn’t you notice the browser was not a lean mean multimedia iPhone before you left the store?








Are You Man or Mouse? Victim or Victor?


This is not only a story of insufficient research and hobbled features.  It is an odyssey.


It is possible to transform from victim into victor; an innocent into a warrior. BUT it is a battle on every front at once; a huge commitment of time and effort, against all odds, in my limited experience. 


It is an epic journey to be undertaken only by the lion-hearted. One must work extremely hard to understand the technology and get the information needed. It is a heroic undertaking, indeed.


Through the fire is the steel forged! 


It is very difficult to accomplish the research when the sales, customer service, and technical staff at the VZW stores do not know their products. Staff at the local VZW store could not explain very effectively to a newcomer. Perhaps they do better with the already initiated, those who have owned a SmartPhone before. The staff were unable to compare the different brand-model-options. Add broken or missing products on the sales floor, or ones that are not configured properly...


...all the reading in the world online will not save you some disappointments on your first SmartPhone purchase because many first-timers do not understand the lingo. One can read it carefully and still misinterpret what it will mean in use.


For a month I went to the store with many questions. None of the ten staff with whom I spent at least 8 hours (not including waiting time) could adequately answer my questions either verbally or by demonstration. 


The only way to satisfy my curiosity was to buy the BB 8830 WE. I could find no alternative.  This seemed the most efficacious way to begin to understand what was possible through VZW. 


The phone certainly is hobbled in GPS features. The BB default browser is deficient. The browser’s only advantage over miniOpera is the ability to cut and paste. This was not apparent when I was reading the BB Manual before purchase. The manual is the same on RIM, VZW, and Sprint web sites. In other words, the differences in features and services is NOT delineated on the carriers web documentation of the device!


Caveat emptor. (Buyer beware) 


After a week, I told the manager “what a long, strange trip it had been” and that I was going home WITHOUT the BlackBerry, AND with a full refund, AND no contract, AND no early termination fee. Only then was he sufficiently motivated to help me. I had to twist the his arm to get a hard copy of the documentation. Even though, pre-purchase, for an entire month, I had told all the store staff that I had no computer. I told them I wanted to play with the BB at work when I was in between trips, with no computer available. I wanted and needed the manual in an accessible format.


I then spent an entire Sunday in the store from open to close because my address book was missing and the network had gone to 1X mode and they could not reset it to 1XEV.  I was ready to give up on the whole experiment. 


Instead, I left after store closing with 400 printed pages of documentation (NOT tailored to VZW) and a replacement phone. The tech said it was new but it was used by someone before me. I found my contacts merged with 150 bonus contacts left behind by the previous owner. Such concern for the customers.


It is what it is.





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