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Problem Loading html pages faster in Blackberry device.

Hi developer friends,


         I am new in blackberry development world. and i have a task to developed application in the blackberry widget.


         I have created hole application in javascript and html. And in device it is taking to much time to load page with data from server. And my data is loaded from the server. when it is retry the data from server it takes aprox 10 to 20 second time duration to load the data and html page in my mobile device.


        Is their any way to do the process faster. And run all html pages within a 3 to 5 second.


        Please help me for this.

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Re: Problem Loading html pages faster in Blackberry device.

It depends.  There may be opportunities for improvement, however you need to identify what is happening during the 10-20 second duration of time where your app is loading data from the server.  It could be that the bulk of this time is waiting for data to be transfered, however you may discover that a large amount of time is involved in what the application is doing with the data after it has downloaded it (processing, storage, page rendering).


  • If you are downloading a lot of data, its important to recognize that you are doing this within a mobile context, where bandwith is not the same as a desktop equivalent.  Recommend using lightweight data structures like JSON instead of XML to reduce the overal package size.  Also, consider prompting user to enable WiFi if downloading large data, rather than over the slower celluar radio.


  • If downloading a large data package does take a lot of time, have you considered breaking it into pieces and only downloading the information that is relevant to the current context of the user (e.g. if you have an inventory app, instead of downloading all items, perhaps grab only those that the user has asked for?)


  • Is there any heavy calculations being done on the data?  If so perhaps you should consider using Web Workers to offload some of this processing (and not block the main UI / event thread).


  • How are you storing data locally on the system?  Are you doing a lot of encoding/decoding on the 


  • Do you do your downloading in the background using AJAX, or is it part of the main page load?  You can greatly improve the user experience by immediatly loading the application, and then asyncronously downloading bits of data.


Highly recommend using Web Inspector to profile your application and see where some of the bottlenecks may be.


Good luck,


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Re: Problem Loading html pages faster in Blackberry device.

If you are loading remote content into your application it will also download faster if you place TCP_CELLULAR at the top of your connections element in the config.xml.


This does have some side-effects like not being able to connect to content on your local LAN that is being exposed by a connection to your BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server).

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