Browser push content is not accessible on BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry 6.0

by Retired on ‎03-24-2011 01:52 PM (4,953 Views)


When opening a Browser push message or channel on a BlackBerry® device running BlackBeryy® 6.0, you might encounter the following error:




Browser HTML content that is transcoded by the BlackBerry® MDS Connection Service cannot be rendered by the BlackBerry 6.0 WebKit browser


Upgrade the BlackBerry® Device Software.  This issue has been fixed in BlackBerry Device Software and higher.




Disable push transcoding for HTML content by disabling it in the X-Rim-Transcode-Content header sent by the push initiator.




Push the content URL instead of the actual html content. This will ensure that the content is not transcoded by MDS. However, the push content may not be available to users if they are offline or out of data coverage.