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Adobe AIR Development

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Alchemy on Playbook

I'm using a media encoder to compress packets of raw audio data, so sending them to a server will cost less bandwidth. I made the encoder with the help of adobe alchemy and an open source c library


The encoder works fine on my PC, I see no lag in performance what so ever, but on the playbook the encoding does not work at all. I break up raw audio data into packets and code each packet sequentially, and in the playbook some of packets end up missing arbitrarily.


On top of this, it gets REALLY choppy, button animations last for far too long. The pc/web version of this app is so much smoother, I don't even notice when alchemy is at work....


I'm having similar issues on the Android, and I read somewhere that people have put alchemy swcs into android apps successfully.


I'm wondering if anyone has published an app with Alchemy swcs and what kind of results they got.


By the way, I've tried adjusting mcirophone settings, I'm pretty sure this is either a device problem and/or alchemy problem


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Re: Alchemy on Playbook

I am pretty sure Alchemy is not supported in the AIR mobile profile. I have also heard of others having success with it but I think it is one of those things that some things may work and others may not. It really all depends on what you are trying to do I suppose. Your best bet is to wait for the NDK to be released and create a Air Native Extension.
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Re: Alchemy on Playbook

How can alchemy not be supported? As long as playbook supports current versions of flash player, alchemy should be supported along side it because all it is is just optimized bytecode!


I've been fiddling around with my code for a few weeks now, and I've noticed that when I test the program in air, the micophone returns non-zero sample data events, where as in the playbook simulator it's always zero! I'm literally using the same code, and the simulator gives me garbage...



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Re: Alchemy on Playbook

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You mentioned that the simulator gave you garbage... That was to be expected when using APIs the simulator can't deliver (e.g. microphones, cameras, etc.)
I recommend you test your code on an actual PlayBook device. Then we will see if Alchemy is working or not.

P.S.: The performance that is displayed by the simulator does NOT reflect the actual performance of the device, unfortunatelly...

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Re: Alchemy on Playbook

In earlier versions, the microphone worked fine in the simulator, other than being slightly muted compared to running the same code on a desktop/laptop. That may have been disabled again in 1.1.0 -- I haven't retested lately.

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