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Application Ideas and Suggestions

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To take Peter's idea from another thread, this thread is to discuss the following:


Application ideas that people would like to see on the PB.  Now, most developers are tight lip about what exactly they are working on (until at least their apps get approved), but there are a lot of application categories that people would not mind seeing on the PB.  This also might be an opportunity for developers that like to write libraries in support of a category to do that portion and provide it to the community.  There also might be collaboration on applications itself between developers.


Now, developers are not the best target for commercial applications, so we all need to think about "joe consumer" who is more likely to purchase the PB because of applications XYZ then those that are more geek oriented.  The success of the PB is in the quality and depth of the applications.  I like to call this "cooperative competition".  Having common libraries for something that helps all.  Interoperability is another thing (shared data, resources, server API, notification schemas, etc.).


For example, I am writing a PB library that I hope to post to the community, but there is not a lot to it yet to do anyone any good since portions of it has already been posted on this forum.


I am also near the end of getting OAuth to work on the PB that I will be happy to share.


Here are some thoughts of applications I would not mind seeing:

  1. BB Forum app using Lithium.  See if Lithium has an API that someone can create a UI to without reliant on a browser
  2. Spell check library and interface
  3. Data sync and backup
  4. Email client (POP3 and remote SMTP)
  5. Skype 


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My Device: HTC One, PlayBook, LE Z10, DE Q10
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Re: Application Ideas and Suggestions

+ SyncML library


Now some of my ideas might have AS3 libraries that already exist, but as we found, not everything works 100% in the PB/AS environment.  The idea is to get or create, test and post.  Possibly host in one location too.

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Re: Application Ideas and Suggestions

jtegen wrote:


.  The idea is to get or create, test and post.  Possibly host in one location too.


    Those of us in the PlayBook Development BBM group have been using a shared DropBox to host files.  It has been working well for us.




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Re: Application Ideas and Suggestions

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 I think this topic can and should spark a lot of talk among the developers and hopefully within the RIM team itself. The initial development the teams have done so far is fantastic, but there is room for improvement and as such, if we can get the developers and RIM team involved in an open dialog about what we would like to see from RIM and the application developers, I think it would be very much helpful for all -- developers and end users.


Ideally, what I think this topic should become is an open forum to addres some of the (and I don't want to use the word issues, but in this case I will) that we have encountered with the Playbook in terms of both usability and functionality.

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Re: Application Ideas and Suggestions

I'm open to hosting a dev site/ftp site on my servers for the community!
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Re: Application Ideas and Suggestions

I had thought about making some developer / test applications. A good example of this might be an app that uses all of the controls on the screen just so we can see how they look and interact with them. Another example might be a sensor app that would show the raw output from accelerometer / GPS / WIFI signal or whatever sensors. I've not used them yet and this might be a good way to get started, plus it would also let you get a feel for how the raw numbers might change.


You can't really bundle source code with them, but the descriptions in appworld could reference a site with the source.


There was one I considered to be a good developer app out there already, which has a color wheel and shows the RGB values for the selected color.  I think there are other possibilities along these lines.

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