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Re: Application Name

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cyballinaz wrote:


The following is straight from Apple's iPhone Developer Legal Guide:

You should rethink your application’s name if there is already a similarly named application in the App Store. 

This is from the iTunes Developer Guide:
Do not include the names of other applications in the description for your application
or application keywords. Referencing other applications in your application description
and keywords can be considered an attempt to fix search results and is
not advised

Please do not use competing app names or inappropriate words for your keywords.





so, basically apple is stating that you might want to consider naming your application something else if that name is already in use.  there's a difference between "Should" and "Must".  Apple only enforces appropriate keywords since a search for "Angry Birds" shouldn't return some lame Converter application.


what point are you trying to make?  why did you register on a BlackBerry Tablet OS developer forum just to post Apple's guidelines and tag your post as "RIM encourages piracy"?


you apple fanboys are worse than religious extremists .



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Re: Application Name

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People are very obviously frustrated that someone can come in and swipe their app name.  If you're doing marketing and have made a name for yourself, you would understand what writers are saying throughout this thread.


You should also know that Apple will REJECT your app if there is an existing app with that name.  You will never get accepted.  So, for people who have successful apps on Blackberry, it isn't easy to rename their apps if they have vested a lot of time in treating it as a business.  


As people have pointed out, this means bug fixes, customer support, blogging, videos, active promotion, press releases, etc... You can only understand this if you - again you have a successful App and if you understand the iTunes world.



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Re: Application Name

You guys are complaining about RIM App World... Try being unique or protect your trademark in the Android Market.... ;-) Just saying... 

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Re: Application Name

I haven't seen anything yet that has me worried.


I mean BMI Calculator, Glucose Tracker and Converter? Come on.


Those are all names that just define what the app does. They're not creative names. Likewise the apps themselves are not very creative apps - not trying to knock on anyone here, what I mean is that they simply perform a non-original function. And since it's non-original, why should the first guy to market have the entire market/generic name locked down to themselves? Let the app that's best win. Compete on UI and UX.


Again, if this is the case for non-generic names/apps then that's a different story but as it stands I don't think this is a big deal. I'm sure you can come up with other names besides the definition of the app.

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Re: Application Name

i dont think its about gettting rid of the competition. its the general confusion its going to cause the end user. if one of the products with a common name sucks and they try out another with the same name and another with the same name, they'll assume the rest suck hah.


but i think the main problem is what happens when App World grows? right now its not comparable to the other "app stores" but when it does bloom to be like them, i can see a problem with a saturation of the same names for applications.


but even then you can argue saying then choose something unique. with all things there is only a certain amount of "uniquenes" in a product name before it gets really weird and completely unrelated to the actual functionality of the program. also if your app does really well and someone sees that its doing really well, nothing (but a trademark) is going to stop them from capitalizing on your success with a similar name.


in my opinion we just have to live with it for now until it does become a problem and RIM does decide to do somethnig about it. im always a fan of proactive rather than reactive but what can we do from where we stand right?

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