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inside custom component

Adobe AIR Development

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Container Border / Outline and component autoFit

Is there a way to enable container 'outlines' / rounded black border?


Also, When placing a component inside a container, is there a way to make it 'autofit' within the margins specified for the container?

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Re: Container Border / Outline and component autoFit



To make it 'Fit' make it size at 100% (size = 100; sizeUnit = SizeUnit.PERCENT). There is no way to skin Container (or I didn't found it , JRab will check this for sure Smiley Wink ). I have done my backgrounds for containers by creating class like this:



    import flash.display.Sprite;
    import flash.events.Event;
    import flash.geom.Matrix;

    import qnx.ui.core.Containment;
    import qnx.ui.core.SizeMode;
    import qnx.ui.core.SizeUnit;
    import qnx.ui.core.UIComponent;

    public class NiceBackground extends UIComponent
        public function NiceBackground()
            //use graphics object here to draw background
            //withh gradients, filling and others
            //or just init and do all drawings in draw()
            this.containment = Containment.BACKGROUND;
            this.size = 100;
            this.sizeMode = SizeMode.BOTH;
            this.sizeUnit = SizeUnit.PERCENT;

        override public function draw():void
           //this function is called when width or height
           //of component has changed, use it to redraw background 
           //or to recalculate round borders



Later I'm adding my background to component by simply calling this code on container:



addChild(new NiceBackground());


Simple as is - you have full power on display and behaviour.


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Re: Container Border / Outline and component autoFit

haha! Smiley Happy


no need, you took the words right out of my mouth (or keyboard). alrite that was cheesy but yeah applying an actual background image to your container is going to be your best bet. the other way is to make your own container and make it "skinnable". but that'd be a little involved. id stick with the background image.

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