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Re: Curious about Selling app

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Ideally, the user should not have to paste anything. If it kept simple and unobtrusive, then the user will not get frustrated and write bad reviews. The only case is where the user "moves" to another device. Then they will need to enter an email address, a confirmation email sent to them to click on some link to move the registration to the new device and then back into that app to re-register.

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Re: Curious about Selling app

Sorry to be chiming in so late and sporadically but i have a sick child at home with me.


The reason I said the PIN is not useful is because I thought I read somewhere that you weren't able to pull the device PIN programmatically. If that is not the case then I do apologize. If the PIN can be pulled programmatically then the easiest way (IMO and how I did it) would be to write a simple RPN algorithm using the PIN number and put this in with your application so it can generate the key in app. What I did was have a special key name for each of my apps that was between 4 and 6 characters and then used this along with the PIN to randomly generate a RPN on my server of length 8 to 14 characters (a random mix of each key piece) and then check all possible keys on the device as well to see if it matched one.


I've seen other apps that do as peter suggested and reauthenticate on each launch but, that in itself is a double edged sword if the user is in a area without coverage and cannot use your app.


There are many different ways to do the licensing if you choose to do so. Personally, I chose the PIN as it is tied to a single device and is reasonably short and easy to generate a key off of. But as I said this was in the past. I don't do anything other than static nowadays as I only do this as a hobby and got tired of having to deal with new key requests as well as coding and support. So I dropped the least necessary.


Which in itself is another topic because even if you do have a way to auto re-generate keys for upgrade there are bound to be people that still email you directly.

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Re: Curious about Selling app

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woah woah woah.



Let me clarify and confirm 2 things


COPY and PASTE DOES work between apps


PIN IS Supported.


I use these both in the same app, you need to use



import qnx.system.Device;


pin = Device.device.pin;

 to get the device pin


And then to copy/paste you do this:


import flash.desktop.Clipboard;
import flash.desktop.ClipboardFormats;

Clipboard.generalClipboard.clear(); Clipboard.generalClipboard.setData(ClipboardFormats.TEXT_FORMAT, hashLabel.text);


EDIT: Before anyone asks...Yes I've used this on MY device. and they both work.

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