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FileFilter still not working?



I remember from the previous SDK that a FileFilter didn't work when calling BrowseForOpen(). Is my code incorrect or does it still not work in the current SDK?



private function onAddClicked(event:MouseEvent):void{
	var fileDir:File = File.applicationDirectory;
	var comicFilter:FileFilter = new FileFilter("Comic books (*.cbz)", "*.cbz");
	var c:Array = fileDir.getDirectoryListing();
	for(var i:int = 0; i < c.length; i++){
		var file:File = c[i];
		fileDir.browseForOpen("Select Comic Files", [comicFilter]);
		fileDir.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, fileSelected);
		trace("Addition failed:	", error.message);



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Re: FileFilter still not working?



    Yes, it's still broken.  Just less broken than before.  It doesn't even follow their own guidelines.  I've given up on it for the time being and am using a custom one that JRab helped me create (he did all the hard work).



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Re: FileFilter still not working?

[ Edited ]

Hey guys, I've managed to get fileFilter working with the following code (for Images):


fileLoad=new FileReference();
var swfTypeFilter:FileFilter = new FileFilter("SWF/JPG/PNG Files","*.jpeg; *.jpg;*.gif;*.png"); var allTypeFilter:FileFilter = new FileFilter("All Files (*.*)","*.*"); fileLoad.browse([swfTypeFilter, allTypeFilter]);

 Hope this works for you!

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Re: FileFilter still not working?


  yes, the File.open stuff is still not working as expected. I keep having the empty result in tab "Documents".

I *think* (not sure) that only registered extensions on the PlayBook system itself are visible. (ex: images, pdf)

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Re: FileFilter still not working?

Yes @Acenet, this is also the behavior I observed, only registered extensions are working, in AIR for desktop it is possible to associate a filetype with an app, but unfortunately, this is not yet possible on the PlayBook, I didn't manage to register a file extension on it.

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