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Flex Hero vs pure AS , or waiting Native SDK ?

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I have got the free playbook, and test my app in the actual device.

I'm so dissapointed with the running result of my app  which is the Flex Hero based.


here is my experience.

the Flex Hero "<s:List>" UI is hard to use in the real device.
"<sSmiley Frustratedcroller>" is the same problem .


a)it don't action or move, when you finger just swipe a little bit.
b)if you finger swipe faster, the list scroll so fast that is hard to read the content.


I also have an pure AS based app, it work  ok in the real device. but isn't  as good as i imagine.

1 Should i port my Flex Hero to pure AS ?

2 or waiting RIM or ADOBE to update the Flex ?

3 or do nothing , till the playbook Native SDK release ?


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Re: Flex Hero vs pure AS , or waiting Native SDK ?

I had the same issue with the Flash Builder Burritos List. The performance was not good. The pre-release version of Flash Builder 4.5's list's performance is much better and it has the bounce feedback (You would have to wait for final release of Flash Builder). However, I found the QNX list component to be the best so far. So I would switch your list to the QNX list.


If you want to add a the QNX list to your mxml you would need to do the following...

Make sure to include the blackberry tablet os build libraries in build path (Project properties > flex build packaging > blackberry Tablet OS)


Also, make sure to import the missing components


<mx:UIComponent id="listContainer" width="1024" height="600" />


// on init


myList = new CustomList();
            myArray = new Array();
            myArray.push({label: "Thomas Luddington"});
            myArray.push({label: "Master Maruyn"});
            myArray.push({label: "Master Gardyner"});
            myArray.push({label: "Captain Vaughan"});
            myArray.push({label: "Master Kendall"});
            myArray.push({label: "Master Prideox"});
            myArray.push({label: "Robert Holecroft"});
            myArray.push({label: "Rise Courtenay"});
            myArray.push({label: "Master Hugh Rogers"});
            myArray.push({label: "Thomas Foxe"});
            myArray.push({label: "Edward Nugen"});
            myDataProvider = new DataProvider(myArray);
            myList.dataProvider = myDataProvider;

          // add list to the UIComponent we created in mxml



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Re: Flex Hero vs pure AS , or waiting Native SDK ?

If you use dataProviders, be carefull when you add or remove elements from the list, it doesn't always "refresh" automatically.