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Re: If you haven't received your free PlayBook email...

my app was approved around feb 2nd, received the "congratulations and fill out the address" email on feb 11th.


I emalied BlackBerryPlayBookOffer@tmgideas.com on the 21st and got a quick reply saying it was sending soon. and I received my playbook on feb 24th. 


did you reply to the email saying your order is now being processed? might increase visibility to them if it's a reply to that email. 

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Re: If you haven't received your free PlayBook email...

I'll give that a try.  I'm going to wait one more day, and if still no reply, will need to ping them a 3rd time.


Is a RIM Admin still reviewing this thread?  Is there anyone on the RIM side that can be pinged for this?  One of the problems is I don't know what a correct contact # would be to look at this issue.


It seems the item/issue exists somewhere between RIM and officiallogoshop, which is neither here nor there.

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Re: If you haven't received your free PlayBook email...

I have sent in my app and it was rejected and then i resent it and there were a couple complications. I then emailed the email address provided and i have not recieved a reply in a week, i recently resent it. But i was wondering if there is any other way to get in touch with a representative and get my playbook on its way

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Re: If you haven't received your free PlayBook email...


I got approval on April 11, 2012 and sent BlackBerryPlayBookOffer@TMGIdeas.com an email but have yet to hear back from them. Is there someone else I need to ping/message and ask?





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Re: If you haven't received your free PlayBook email...

I also submitted an app a while back for the offer and haven't received a playbook yet. The app is SaveTheEarth which was submitted within the required deadline and was approved months ago. I received the "You’ve completed the first step toward a free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet" on 02/03/12, but haven't received any other emails since. I emailed the BlackBerryPlayBookOffer@TMGIdeas.com address but haven't received a reply. Can you assist me with this?