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RIM: Top things ISV would like for the PB in 2011

Some threads have been kicking around this, so here is a fresh start.  Please post here concrete things you wold like see RIM provide to ISVs in 2011.  Please be reasonable.  No pie in the sky requests (eg. free PB for my Aunt Martha).  Also, please do not start or reply to rants.  We cannot choose which (if any) items RIM will respond to or implement.


Here are a few to start:

  • High level schedule of features (even by quarter).
  • High level schedule of API and simulator updates.
  • Cleaner signing process
  • Delete/reuse signing for an app-id/version combination
  • Consistent (AIR/Flex like) API
  • PPS support for AIR (if just for testing in AIR)
  • New/expanded simulator to test things like GPS, Accelerometer
  • Contact database/API (that can be extended)
  • Calendar database/API (that can be extended)
  • Spot light, marketing opportunities for ISVs

Schedule of features include:

  • Notification API
  • GPS
  • Push technology 
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Re: RIM: Top things ISV would like for the PB in 2011

I agree with all of your wishes jtegen. My main concern however would be an improved simulator with more capabilities, somewhat more like a android emulator instead of just a VMWare image.

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Posts: 6,541
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My Device: HTC One, PlayBook, LE Z10, DE Q10
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Re: RIM: Top things ISV would like for the PB in 2011

  • Have all "row" controls the same height.  Makes for a more complicated method to align controls when they are all different heights by default.  This includes TextInput, Picker, DropDown and Segmented Control.
  • Have a standard TextArea control.
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Re: RIM: Top things ISV would like for the PB in 2011

FWIW, I expect that RIM is releasing a 'broken and stripped down' simulator so they can keep the details about what is ACTUALLY going to be included on the device a secret. I expect (and hope!) that once the device is released officially, we will get a simulator which matches the actual release device, including all standard apps; just like we see with the smartphone simulators.


It will probably take some time to release updated SDKs which can use all of those things (like the Bridge) though.


The simulator _IS_ lacking in many areas though, like multi-touch or gesture support and this is a seperate matter than the lack of standard applications.



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Re: RIM: Top things ISV would like for the PB in 2011


How abt  APIs for Ad support?


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Re: RIM: Top things ISV would like for the PB in 2011

It would be nice to have an easier way to make apps in the Adobe Flash IDE (not command line packaging), like an extension.  

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Re: RIM: Top things ISV would like for the PB in 2011

Intense and maniacal focus on app discoverabilty on App World website and on devices.  


Needs to go way, way beyond "top rated", "newest", "free apps", "paid apps", and "categories".  


Think more along the lines of Amazon & Netflix "recommended for you", "save for later", "my reviews", "wish list", "gift list", "x number of viewers found this review helpful" ... think social and viral.

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Re: RIM: Top things ISV would like for the PB in 2011

I'd personally like a general cleaning of app world putting all the themes and ebooks in their own separate stores within app world.

I'd also like a more integrated solution for developer tools, such as:
Native sim that doesn't rely on third party software (or at least uses an open source solution).
All packaging, signing, and debugging through one SDK (which I'm sure is coming in native SDK)
Better testing of features before sim or SDK is released so major working features don't break.
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Re: RIM: Top things ISV would like for the PB in 2011

Hello jtegen,


Thanks for taking point on compiling this thread.  I wanted to make a point to respond to reinforce Tyler's message (http://devblog.blackberry.com/2011/02/thanks-for-the-open-letter-to-rim-developer-relations/) that we are listening and are committed to improving our products for the developer community.


I will ensure this feedback is delivered to the proper channels (including Tyler) and we will work to communicate back to the community on our progress.  In general, watch for communication updates via devblog.blackberry.com.  


Another great option for providing actionable feedback is through the issue tracker here



By making use of the voting feature and unique tracking items we can ensure we are effectively prioritizing the communities asks.



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Re: RIM: Top things ISV would like for the PB in 2011

some additional thoughts:


* More examples, tutorials on how to develop AIR applications without Flash Builder.  ($600 is a little steep for those just getting into this development environment)

* Project templates/code generators that will help developers get a jump start on their projects and not have to reinvent some of the typical boilerplate code.

* Continued support for application development using Linux.

* A virtual lab where developers w/o the hardware can remote in, deploy and interact with their application on an actual device.  (this may be pie in the sky, and may be unnecessary with a better emulator)

* Emulators with more on them than the Browser.

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