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Re: RIM stocks drop. Affect devs?

No worries Smiley Happy

I think you're right about the average consumer. And let's hope it all works out. I love my BB and wouldn't want it to disappear like PalmOS did (which I also loved).

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Re: RIM stocks drop. Affect devs?

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RIM stocks will continue dropping because RIMs sale concept is not contemporary:

• Blackberrys are for business people and business people regarded them as cool gadgets. they were able to work with them from remote. woot.

• with Apple the game changed. Apple pronounced difference and individuality as their selling point. With an iPhone and some apps you can make your device work as an replacement for the internet. theres no need to open up a browser and dive into this rummage table. Individuality has become the hipness factor.

• with a corporate device in you pocket you are not hip, you're not an individuum, you're just a worker that has to work from remote.

ok, many people love their work. but more people love to play, make their live easier and communicate instead. and thats the point where RIM fails. they have to take care of the business people but they simply don't understand the consumers needs.

look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbIc5JTk5cA&feature=player_embedded#at=80 this is pure advertisment and it's not even a lie. compared to what RIM broadcasts in german tv this is priceless. regarding the way RIM went when the playbook hit the market, they don't have the slightest clue who should buy a playbook. they haven't targeted any group outside their comfort zone. there have been so many possiblities, at least telling the people that they could work at day with the device and and in the evening the device becomes their playbook/gadget.

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Re: RIM stocks drop. Affect devs?


GoldenJoe wrote:

The whole PlayBook experience has been nothing but a list of reasons to discontinue developing on RIM's platforms.


I have been having the same thoughts.


As a RIM shareholder of a few years' standing now, I'm extra disappointed.

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Re: RIM stocks drop. Affect devs?

RIM's stock has dropped because wtih the exception of a minor update to the low end curve they have not released a new phone on Verizon in over a year. And it will go back up most of the way next week after WES anyhow.


Regardless as devs this really has no affect. As a developer the only things that matter are how many devices RIM sells. Additionally they have still have tons of profit and cash reserves so the company isn't going to be disapearing anytime soon.

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Re: RIM stocks drop. Affect devs?



Are you giving a renewed hope to HP WebOS for their version 3.0 tablets coming out this summer? It sounds like their current WebOS is not giving consumers great reasons to download apps. Is that because the phones are currently underpowered?


But besides stock pricing, Blackberry actually makes a lot of money selling their devices. They don't have cash problems and one of their CEOs recently got miffed that no analysts talk about their profit, just about their multitouch devices and apps.


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Re: RIM stocks drop. Affect devs?

Markets are forward looking.  It's not about current profits.  

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Re: RIM stocks drop. Affect devs?

Unfortunately markets are lousy fortune tellers. Thanks to them and their wrong predictions we have been hit by recession.

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Re: RIM stocks drop. Affect devs?

The recession is from financial fraud.  Markets are just pricing in the wealth destruction.

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Re: RIM stocks drop. Affect devs?

virtualscribe I have some hope for it. I may buy a TouchPad too. However I decided to not heavily invest time in creating TouchPad apps until I see some signs of it becoming a success.


I personally think the reasons are a LOT of people abandoning WebOS on phones at the moment. I see a lot of people on the PreCentral forum who really love WebOS but couldn't stand the waiting for new devices anymore and succumbed to Android or iPhone. I can't blame them honestly. Our Pre's are falling apart, literally. The new devices are alright but not REALLY exciting. I'm somewhat interested in the Pre 3 but as it stands now the BlackBerry Bold 99xx looks more interesting to me. One of these phones will probably be my next one. As it stands now the Berry is on the winning side.


I don't think WebOS devices are underpowered per se. The Pre/Pre+/Pre2 is still about as good as an iPhone 3(gs) so it can run most things just fine. The Pre 3 looks nice but not really better than the iPhone 4 which is now almost a year old. I don't know. HP is going to have to try harder I think. The TouchPad looks alright as well but again, not impressive compared to other tablets. It doesn't even have a back camera and the screen resolution is still only 1024x768. Again, they'll have to try a bit harder. The only selling point for the TouchPad at this point is the fact that it runs WebOS which will appeal to people who know the OS and know how much it rules. For the rest of the population? Not so much, especially not if there's not a lot of apps.


Ah well, let's see what happens. For now my bets are on RIM as the most serious competitor to the iPad. The Android tabs vary from meh to craptastic in my opinion and WebOS has fallen behind the curve too much.


It's going to be interesting for sure.

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Re: RIM stocks drop. Affect devs?

This gets into the hardware design vs. ecosystem/platform issue.  You need both.  It doesn't look like RIM yet "gets it" on the ecosystem side.  webOS has it in spades on the *potential* for an ecosystem - and if CEO Leo can follow through on promises of "cool" HP products maybe they'll get there on the hardware and industrial design too.  It's not like HP doesn't have the resources and the R&D labs to make products that knock your socks off; it's just a question of execution ... and, well also of the chicken & the egg, as far as developers and adopters for webOS.  There is supposedly decent interest in IT departments in webOS.