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I just got this email:


You are receiving this email as we are awaiting your signed release of your PlayBook application. We ask that you login to the vendor portal and remove your application from sale in App World until you have submitted and we have vetted your signed PlayBook application. Once passed we will push your app out for sale once more so we may continue testing.


In addition please not the following:


1)      If you have already submitted your signed application please do remove from sale until you have been notified that your application has passed our vetting.

2)      If you are still awaiting signing keys please remove your application from sale.

3)      If you have an existing application with a PlayBook added as a new release, we urge you to submit your new signed PlayBook app version a.s.a.p.


How do I know if my app has been "vetted"? I already submitted a signed version of my app that was approved, so I don't understand why I'm receiving this email at all. Should I resign my app and submit again?


EDIT: They're talking about this in the "Anyone have their App Approved" thread too, so I guess we're all in the dark. It would be nice if someone from RIM could clear this up soon. For now, just to be safe, my app has been removed from sale.

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Re: Resubmit?

+1. Me too. same question...


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Re: Resubmit?

I've received this email too. I had thought that I had submitted a debug version because of the Burrito 'export release build' bug. Thats now what the email says though, and I'm pretty sure I codesigned it.



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Re: Resubmit?

+1 too.


I sent them a reply asking if I still need to resubmit since my app is signed and approved.


hopefully this is just a generic reminder email.

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Re: Resubmit?

I pulled mine as soon as I got the email, but because so many others that've codesigned, submitted, and been approved, I put it back up. I verified it was codesigned, but didn't append "_signed" to the filename, as I submitted before that request was put up. I'm assuming it was an error on RIM's part. Guess we'll see.

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Re: Resubmit?

Chalk me up as another who got this e-mail, but I had submitted and gotten approved my signed version.  I'm pretty sure my signed version was done correctly, I followed the command line instructions and also tested the deployment to the sim.  I haven't pulled my app yet, I'll wait to see if this was just a generic e-mail sent to everyone.

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Re: Resubmit?

I said this on the other thread.  Basically I believe they are wanting all apps signed ASAP and if it is not, remove it from sale.

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Re: Resubmit?


jtegen wrote:

Basically I believe they are wanting all apps signed ASAP and if it is not, remove it from sale.

John, how did you manage to say that in one short sentence, when it took them a big numbered list of ambiguous sentences?


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Re: Resubmit?

It must be my accent.

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Re: Resubmit?

And I have not got this email(yet??). I looked in my spam, Trash and Inbox. Am pretty sure I did not get it.

I have an App up for sale in the market: https://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/21601


The version up for sale Version: 1.2.0 was the last version that I posted after signing the app. Prior to this I had a version up for sale that was not signed.


So my qn is did that email go to a selected number of folks. Does it mean others have to do something about their app(Not trying to scare anyone) just asking myself, why am i treated different if the email is going to all the folks with apps in the market.


I hope BB was more clear on this last communication that went out.