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Posts: 16
Registered: ‎03-30-2011
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Accepted Solution

Signing Keys - 1 $ Fee Question

Alright so this is the dilemma for me right now.

I'm actually seventeen years old trying to get on the app developing scene.


And so when applying for signing keys the form needs my credit card to pay the 1$.

And in Canada, you need to be 18 to have one. So I obviously don't have one.


The form also requires that I use the email, and name that matches the Credit Card.


BUT there is hope for me, and I was hoping someone could clarify if I'm interpreting this right:


On the form it says:


Send Signature Keys to:
If the individual purchasing the keys is different than their destined end user, please provide the end user's information below. The signature keys will be emailed to this person. They will also receive email notifications whenever the signature keys are used.
Same as Billing/Credit Card InformationDifferent Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Note: Email domains must match Billing/Credit Card Information email address




Does that mean I can get my older brother, or dad? To pay that 1$ fee, but get the signing keys from them, or even sent to my email?

Posts: 1,003
Registered: ‎01-16-2011
My Device: PlayBook (sim)
My Carrier: Rogers

Re: Signing Keys - 1 $ Fee Question

Yes, you can. It actually is not a fee but more of a hold to verify the card. Keep in mind that they will be responsible for how you use the keys, so make sure they are aware before you ask them to buy them for you.
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Posts: 137
Registered: ‎10-26-2010
My Device: Bold 9900 + PlayBook
My Carrier: Rogers

Re: Signing Keys - 1 $ Fee Question

The important line there is "Note: Email domains must match Billing/Credit Card Information email address".


All that says is that the email domain (after the @) must match between the email address given at the top for the billing information, and the address given at the bottom for the user of the keys. I'm pretty sure credit card companies don't verify the email when making a purchase (just address). I know I never gave my credit card company my email address. So, I think you'd be fine giving your email at the top and bottom, even if it's not your name at the top. Your name goes at the bottom and you select the "Different Information".


If you want to play it safe and put your dad/brother/etc email at the top, just make sure your email is from the same domain as the purcahsers' email. If your dad/brother/etc have a Gmail account, then use a Gmail account for yours at the bottom too.


The important part is to put your name in the Company Name field. That has to match the name you use on your own certificate, don't put in N/A or something.


Additionally, as was noted, it's only an authorization hold. Similar to what happens in a restaurant after they've run your card but before you've filled in the tip and signed. The credit card holds the authorization in case the fee is charged, but RIM never actually charges it.


As an additional note, I went through the same thing not that many years ago. You can get a credit card when you're under 18 if you get your parents to co-sign. I found that very useful for things exactly like this.

Taylor Byrnes
Posts: 124
Registered: ‎01-22-2011
My Device: Blackberry Q10
My Carrier: Sprint

Re: Signing Keys - 1 $ Fee Question

As far as the email address goes, when I applied, I called my credit card company since I had no idea what email address I might or might not have given them when I applied for the card.  I called them about 15 minutes after submitting that form.  They told me that they never had an email address for me and that the $1.00 credit/debit had already occurred.


Just make sure that the email address and company name are consistent throughout the process of applying for a vendor account through signing and you'll be OK.

Posts: 16
Registered: ‎03-30-2011
My Device: non-Blackberry user/Developer
My Carrier: Fido

Re: Signing Keys - 1 $ Fee Question

Alright thank you so much, jffurlan, taylortbb, and  Wingflap.

I feel much more assured now with taking this approach of using a brother/father.


I really appreciate your quick responses, as I need to get this app sent in before the Playbook deadline. Smiley Tongue Smiley Happy


p.s. you all were the solution to the thread, I just chose the most detailed one.